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4 Common Window Problems and How to Fix Them

Last modified: 2022-08-11 | Approximate reading time 3 mins

Without a doubt, windows are an excellent barrier against the outside elements, which is ultimately a testament to the harsh weather conditions experienced at times.

However, windows are not immune to certain problems, which can in turn prevent us from fully benefiting from the comfort they usually bring. But, what exactly are the problems that may be encountered?

4 Window Problems and Solutions

1) Foggy windows

white window frame with bouquet of roses_4 common window problems and how to fix them

If you happen to notice that one of your windows is permanently foggy, it means that the thermal pane is no longer effectively sealing the window from the outside elements. As a result, air penetrates and mixes with the argon gas, which is the gas used in the thermal pane to provide window insulation. Consequently, if your window is no longer insulated, you are likely to experience considerable energy loss. Since a thermal pane issue will quickly add to your heating bill, ensure that the situation is rectified as quickly as possible.

Although some people may recommend changing the entire window, it is at times possible to avoid this drastic measure provided that the overall condition of the window is relatively good and that the damage is only to the thermal pane. Note that for an 18-inch by 60-inch window, replacing the glass will cost about $180, with the bill amounting to $720 for 4 windows with the same dimensions. 

Should you decide to change the glazing, you may have some questions about what option is best for you. Note that a window with argon gas glazing and a low-E coating has a thermal resistance between R-3.4 and R-4.2, which is much higher than that of a sealed, double-glazed window.

Note that it is likewise possible to have an unsealed thermos problem fixed, although chances are, these problems will recur. And that is why it is recommended that the glass be replaced. It should be noted that the cost of replacing the glass varies greatly from one company to another, which is why it is strongly suggested that you obtain 3 quotes before choosing a contractor. 

2) Cold air seeping in

While it is normal to feel a certain chill when standing near a window on a cold day, however, it is not normal to feel a breeze of any kind, albeit a light one. In such a case, the weather stripping around the window may be too old. If so, you will have to change the weatherstripping fairly quickly, otherwise, your heating bill will increase during cold fronts.

Naturally, another possibility is the presence of a sealant defect. A quick visual inspection will enable you to quickly identify whether the caulking is too dry and no longer adhering properly. If you wish to re-caulk your windows, check out our article on this subject matter and benefit from our recommendations to better insulate your home before the cold weather sets in. 

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3) Condensation on windows

If you see signs of condensation build-up on windows, you may want to consider changing certain aspects of your lifestyle. In fact, the problem is not so much with your windows, but rather with the presence of too much humidity. Some very effective measures can be taken to remedy this problem:

  • Always turn on the bathroom fan when taking a shower;
  • Turn on the kitchen range hood when cooking;
  • Avoid caring for too many plants;
  • Avoid air-drying clothes.

The Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation encourage people to reduce the humidity level inside their homes during the winter, particularly when the temperature drops below -25 degrees Celsius. In such circumstances, the organization recommends that humidity levels not exceed 25%. 

4) Poor condition of a wood window frame

wood window frame in poor condition_4 common window problems and how to fix them

When it comes to a wood window frame, it is possible to restore it as long as it is not rotten. However, if it is, you will need to replace the frame. Even though some people can DIY this type of project, it is preferable to seek the expertise of a professional to obtain the best possible quality of work.

Note that peeling paint will weaken the wood frame and, in turn, render it vulnerable to water infiltration, which is why the damage resulting from a wood frame in poor condition should not be taken lightly. Indeed, once water penetrates the wood, the condition of the frame will deteriorate until it becomes completely useless. 

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