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What Is a Folding Sliding Window?

What Is a Folding Sliding Window?

Exterior renovationsWhat Is a Folding Sliding Window?

Have you ever just taken a minute to look outside and admire the cityscape? Keeping an eye on your kids while they play outside or simply noticing the fresh layer of snow that has covered the streets overnight?

Although people often think of purchasing sliding or hung windows, rarely do they consider the possibility of purchasing folding sliding windows. However, this model is well worth considering. 

What You Should Know About Folding Sliding Windows

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What Is a Folding Sliding Window?

As a matter of introduction, the folding sliding window is a window model that folds into itself when opened or closed. However, note that there are also folding sliding doors, which are often referred to as "accordion doors."

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Folding Sliding Window: Both Here and Elsewhere

In some countries, like in Australia, this type of window is mounted on an exterior wall or used to connect two rooms inside a home, say, a kitchen and a dining room. Not only does this type of window allow for privacy on both sides of the window, but it also provides good soundproofing if all the shutters are closed. 

As a result, some companies opt to install this type of window inside their office to separate the lunchroom from the rest of the office space. That way, when people are eating, chatting, and laughing, they are not disturbing their co-workers who are hard at work. Note that the folding sliding window is normally made of either wood or aluminum

Aside from the ability to be mounted inside or outside, the folding sliding window is especially loved as it allows for large amounts of natural light to seep into a home. In addition, its wide opening maximizes the quantity of airflow and provides good ventilation.

Folding Sliding Windows In Quebec

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According to an Alumilex representative, if you choose to install sliding windows, ensure that the height of the pane is twice as high as the overall width. That way, the hinges will be able to support the weight of the window once it is opened. But, bear in mind that by experimenting with the number of panes and colours, this type of window model can also turn out to be quite an aesthetic asset. 

Unlike models made in Australia, the folding sliding window manufactured in Quebec is designed to open inwardly to ensure optimal sealing. Since we experience particularly cold temperatures during the wintertime, this is an absolute necessity to make installation a possibility in homes on this side of the globe. On the subject, let us mention that the quality of the installation will determine the level of sealing needed, hence the importance of confiding this task to experienced professionals. 

For Canadian homes, Futura Montréal states that the folding sliding window must meet certain established standards. Also, it would appear that this window model is best used for commercial or corporate purposes. 

Are you curious to know more about the average cost of such a project? Try out our cost calculator.

Written by: Sotheary Chan

Updated by: Karine Dutemple

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Last modified 2023-11-07

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