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5 Shed Styles That Will Help You With Backyard Storage

5 Shed Styles That Will Help You With Backyard Storage

Exterior renovations5 Shed Styles That Will Help You With Backyard Storage

The shed has come a long way since it’s modest days of being a wooden box that holds gardening materials. Modern sheds have developed to host a variety of functions, aside from keeping landscaping tools clean and dry. Now, a shed can be turned into backyard haven, home-away-from-home, or a retro space to live out your hobbies.

While current garden sheds have become multifunctional, this doesn’t mean that these tiny houses can’t still host a manner of necessities for all your backyard needs. The shed is a must-have addition for anyone from the flower enthusiastic to the carpentry expert.

We have some innovative shed styles that can help any homeowner create a useful space that is stylish and also helps with backyard storage!

5 shed styles for all of your backyard needs

1- Garden Potting Shed

Shed Styles

Source: Canva

Create a simple yet stylish, flat roof shed for the garden enthusiast. Clad in timber planks, these models have large sliding doors as well as lots of shelving around the perimeter. The large sliding doors will help you to move easily between the garden and the shed. If floor space allows, store larger pots, the lawn mower and other big tools. For this style of shed, it would also be nice to build a potting bench, a straightforward DIY job. Added benefits of having a dedicated bench include having shelving beneath to store fertilizer, soil and birdseed that could mould on a cement floor.  

Consider incorporating a sink into the shed's interior if plumbing allows for it. As well, make sure to have a hose hanger so that you aren`t tripping on your hose as you move from inside to outside. Create the shed's structure with cement-based siding for a durable structure that maintains contemporary lines.

If that’s not your thing, considered salvaged materials, incorporate latticework into the siding or awning to have vines cling onto. Or go one step further and create a green roof for your shed, covering the rooftop in sedum. 

2- Firewood Keep

Shed Styles

Source: Canva

If you’ve got a fire pit in your backyard, or potentially a wood burning stove in your home, you will need somewhere to store all the kindling and logs. Create a neat shed where you can store the wood, among other things. Sturdy shelving is necessary, and this can be mixed and matched to incorporate what it will be holding.

For things that need to breathe, consider solid wood shelving with grates. Wood benefits from airing, but needs to be stored up and away from a damp ground. Add storage bins or crates underneath wood shelving to keep tools. If floor space is scarce, you can mount these to the walls, screwing hooks into the backs of crates or bins and maximizing storage space. Further, design the shed in a way so that you can stand outside and collect the wood through a sliding door.

3- Retro Tool Shed

Shed Styles

Source: Canva

Half workshop and half toolshed, this modern take on Dad’s tool shed is just what the handy-person or wood-worker needs in their backyard. If you’re looking to evoke feelings of nostalgia, use materials that hark back to years past. Prioritize tools, keeping large tools like long-handled rakes and trimmers at the back of the shed and more common tools as easily accessible with wall hooks that sit adjacent to the door.

Another idea is to create a tool wall, making sure that every tool is placed back where it belongs. To construct the shed itself, use modest materials like timber or unfinished woods, and leave studwork exposed. Even consider incorporating salvaged or recycled materials, such as old doors or reclaimed lumber. As a result of the material choices, this type of shed is affordable while arousing a rustic charm that’ll please young and old alike. Just because materials have been recycled, doesn’t mean they won’t create a cohesive look!

4- Backyard Hobby Shed

Shed Styles

Source: Canva

Another great idea for a multi-purpose room is to use your backyard shed to store garden tools as well as art supplies or other craft ventures. The shed can be used as an individual space designed to foster both functionality and fun! Make sure if your shed is doubling as a workspace or studio, that it is well-lit throughout the day.

This can be assured by installing a roof made of a translucent material such as polycarbonate sheeting. For smaller tools, such as paint brushes, consider using magnets to keep smaller items out of the way but still at hand. If you have a nook in your shed that is too small for shelving, try placing a magnetic strip of tape along the edge of a shelf or window ledge for these items.

5- Pool House

Shed Styles

Source: Canva

Obviously, having a pool house will greatly depend on having a pool. But if this is something you’re lucky enough to own, a pool house can be used for both a quick retreat as well as for storing various pool-related cleaning chemicals and devices. Divide and organize your pool house so that stored items can be easily accessed from outside.

Create a separate space for relaxation or a change room for guests. Consider incorporating a daybed in the case that you’ve had too much sun and want a quick lay down. It would also be worth considering adding a BBQ and small deck around the outside, and maybe even a mini fridge with some cold ones inside!

If you think about your shed being more of a mini-cabin, then you can create a sweet guest retreat in your backyard while still incorporating plenty of storage. Try building a loft-style structure, accommodating someone to sleep while leaving room to store things underneath a raised bed.

Consider double doors on each side for easy access in and out of the space, as well as a cross-breeze during warmer months. Even think about building a rolling square ottoman that can hold pillows and blankets while guests are around, or can be used to keep garden tools out of sight while you’re entertaining. 

What influences the price of a backyard storage

Sheds vary in price depending on the material, size and intended use. A metal shed can cost between $8 and $30 per square foot and a wooden shed can cost up to $40 per square foot.

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Last modified 2023-11-07

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