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Home Decor: A Guide to Industrial Style

Last modified: 2022-12-20 | Approximate reading time 5 mins

Amanda Harvey

Industrial style is excellent for the homeowner who is looking for a concept that lacks any sort of pretentiousness. The visual appeal and charm of industrial style lie in its ability to showcase utilitarian surfaces, stripped-back architecture and salvaged objects. If you’re looking to celebrate humble materials, then this is the home decor option worth considering!

One of the most advantageous aspects of an industrial home is that the materials used can be as affordable as the homeowner needs them to be! Since an industrial home is pared down to essentials, it doesn’t have to cost a pretty penny. We’re here to break down industrial home decor traits and teach you how to keep things comfortable, unassuming and chic!

Industrial dining room table and stools

Photo: Unsplash

Follow these steps to embrace the industrial mindset in your home!

Cool Colours

Industrial kitchen

Photo: miserv

Furnishings in an industrial home are minimal and no-nonsense. They embrace strong, clean lines without excess. A great way to embrace industrial style is to mix and match new pieces with reclaimed ones. Repurpose materials such as wood crates, old ladders or cinderblocks and turn these things into shelving units, side tables or stand-alone pieces.

Overly frilly or cushy furnishing should not appear in the industrial setup, and comfortable decor should come in solid, neutral colours as well as natural textures. If you’re using throw pillows or rugs, keep colours muted and neutral; consider woven wool with lots of texture. Furniture should be of minimal design, wrought iron bed frames or sleek mono sofa.

Industrial living room

Photo: Unsplash

If you are considering an industrial colour scheme, monochromatic is honoured, though colours with a cool undertone are also favoured. For background and wall colours, think neutral grays or blues, but for accents, you could go as far as tangerine or fuchsia, or their dark and moody cousins plum and burnt orange.

Mossy greens and indigos look beautiful in the kitchen or bathroom. If you are sticking to neutrals, we would suggest choosing a variety of shades to keep the space from appearing one-dimensional.

Since this style is so focused on industrial textures such as concrete and metals, there is generally enough variation present that homeowners can work with a monochromatic palette. If you paint and are finding rooms feeling flat, consider adding a statement piece or something tactile to incorporate depth.

Industrial kitchen and dining room loft area

Photo: Unsplash

Keep it Edgy

Industrial style means erasing the line between trash and treasure. Remember, a little bit of wear adds character to this concept. If you find something that would feel odd in a traditional home, then it would likely fit right into an industrial one! Found objects or artwork that employs them, such as mixed-media sculptures or giant abstract works of art are highly favoured. As we’ve mentioned, metals are a key feature of industrial style, so consider adding tin, steel, iron or aluminum in some way into the space.

Metal will create a cool and sleek functionality, so think about exposed ductwork, aluminum countertops or steel stairwells. However, stay away from warm metals such as gold or brass, and choose cold metals with a matte finish. Stone is another beautiful way to break up any monotony and add some character and depth to those industrial spaces!

Industrial Style is All About Open Concept


Photo: miserv

As industrial style originated in warehouses and factories, it privileges big and open spaces. Take a little field trip and seek inspiration for your home by looking at historic buildings or within manufacturing districts, as well as restored and revitalized old buildings. An open floor plan is one of the trademarks of this style.

High ceilings are another factor but are obviously home-dependant. If you are working with an open concept, make sure to break up long or large expanses of space with well-thought-out furniture placement. Create unification to avoid a jarring effect. Also, consider pieces that are multi-purpose, and can be moved from room to room, such as a chic, rolling daybed.

In an industrial room, the infrastructure should be on full display instead of covered up and hidden. Mechanical materials should be exposed. Unfinished walls, bare windows as well as exposed beams are all key ways to channel industrial style, as we’re looking for any means to create the idea of a space being rough around the edges.

Industrial dining

Photo: miserv

Embrace all the raw features in your home. If you already have concrete floors, you’re one step ahead of the game. Don’t cover those babies up! Consider getting your concrete floor honed or polished to give them a modern feel. Instead of dulling industrial feel with carpets and rugs, consider radiant heating beneath the floor to keep yourself and loved ones warm.

Wood is another way to help warm up a space (visually, not literally). If those steel ceiling beams just aren’t cutting it for you, consider covering them in wood to give your space an aged look. If you are considering a home renovation project, think of ways to renovate in order to bring industrial details into focus! 

Decor industriel mur de briques_industrial decor brick wall

A few examples of home renovation projects to create an industrial design

Installing a brick wall or decorative bricks

Industrial decor is often inspired by early 20th century factories. In these buildings, the wall were often covered with bricks or stone. To create an industrial look in your home, you can cover a wall with real bricks. Looking for a more affordable option? Know that you can get decorative bricks that offer great results. 

Check out this article for more information:

Including metal decorative and architectural elements

Industrial furniture and accessories are often made of metal, so this material will work perfectly if you're trying to recreate this style. You can install metal window frames, add a glass and metal partition to divide up your space, install metal lamps and so on.

Do not hesitate to be bold when choosing your decorative elements! Vintage-style furniture such as metal chairs and tables will look great. You can also use pieces of old cars to create artwork, among other unique concepts. 

Adding concrete surfaces (floors, countertops, walls)

Concrete is another popular material in industrial decor. To incorporate concrete inside your home, you can use it to cover your floors and/or your walls, or you can build a kitchen countertop.

Check out the following articles about concrete surfaces:

Mur de briques blanc loft

Working with an interior designer to adopt an industrial home decor

Are you looking to adopt an industrial style in your home but puzzled about where to start? Do not hesitate to call upon the services of an interior designer to transform your rooms and adapt them according to your taste and needs!

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