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Interior Brick Walls : Cost of Installation and Maintenance

Last modified: 2022-05-04 | Approximate reading time 4 mins

Léa Plourde-Archer

Once seen as an architectural element only used for outdoor walls and industrial spaces, the interior brick wall has turned into a new staple in Canadian homes. This material is not set to go out of style any time soon! We’ve prepared a small guide to tell you more about interior brick wall installation and maintenance:

Installing an interior brick wall

Nowadays, most interior brick walls are mounted using “fake” bricks. These decorative bricks are made out of a mix of polymer concrete, lightweight aggregates and iron oxide pigments. They can be installed on any type of wall. Plus, you won’t need to strengthen the wall’s structure before you install the bricks.

The average price of a box of decorative bricks

Boxes of decorative bricks sold in hardware stores usually contain 48 bricks, which covers a surface of 8 sq. feet. Prices start at $7,80/square foot (more or less 55$ for a box).

Interior brick wall in the kitchen

Credit: MaxPixel

The main steps of the decorative brick wall installation process

The brick installation process is quite simple. However, depending on the size of the surface that you’re looking to cover, it can be long and tedious. To get optimal results without putting forth immense efforts, it’s better to hire a professional. On the other hand, if you’re a patient person and you wish to do the work yourself, it is doable.

The material

Get yourself two trowels, a table saw, an adhesive product, a toolkit, a level tool, a bag of mortar, a masonry cone and some cleaning equipment (rag, brush, vaporizer).

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Prepare the surface and apply the adhesive

Start by cleaning the wall properly. Once the wall is spotless, begin applying some of the adhesive product on a small surface, near one of the bottom corners of the wall. For a brick wall with spaces between the bricks, the separation between the bricks should measure 3/8 inch.

Install the bricks

Place the first brick and check if the layer of adhesive product will be enough to hold the brick in place. If the brick starts falling off, apply some adhesive product directly on it. After you’ve mastered this part, keep going with the installation process. From time to time, use a level to check if the lines are straight.

store with interior brick wall

Let the brick wall dry

Once all the bricks have been installed, let the whole thing dry (check the specific instructions on the product label). When the product has set, you can apply mortar, using the masonry cone. If the mortar is runny, clean it off quickly using a brush and a dry rag. Please note that the weight of the bricks may vary from one brand to another.

Make sure that you choose the right adhesive product. Read the instructions on the label and ask for advice from hardware store employees. If you want real bricks, expect to spend a lot of money.

You will have to hire a contractor to do the work since the wall’s structure will need to be reinforced. However, the result will be more durable (decorative bricks usually have a 20-50 year warranty whereas real bricks last between 50 and 100 years).

Here is an overview of the main steps of installing a brick wall

1) Gather the necessary equipment;
2) Clean the wall;
3) Apply the adhesive product;
4) Place the first brick and check if the layer of adhesive is sufficient;
5) Keep installing the bricks;
6) Let everything dry;
7) Apply the mortar.

Interior brick wall maintenance tips 

Is your house already adorned with brick walls? If they are starting to show signs of wear, this doesn’t necessarily mean that they need to be torn down and redone. Start by using a metallic brush to test the quality of the brick. Are they starting to crumble?

In this case, it may be necessary to redo the wall or to fix whole sections of it. However, if such is not the case, you can erase most imperfections using the same brush. Purchase a bag of mortar to fill the holes that have formed inside the joints. On a day to day basis, remove dust and stains using a vacuum cleaner and a small brush that you have dipped in soapy water.

When the wall is extremely dirty, you can use a TSP cleaning product. Above all else, NEVER use acidic products! These will cause damage to the bricks. If you want to give your brick wall a makeover, consider painting it!

Painted interior brick walls can add a lot of charm, colour and texture to a room's decor. Choose a type of paint that is suited for outdoor surfaces, with an acrylic base and a matte or pearl finish. Don’t forget to apply a coat of primer beforehand, to improve the degree of adherence.

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