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10 Examples of Cottage Interior Design

10 Examples of Cottage Interior Design

Exterior renovations10 Examples of Cottage Interior Design

As the cold weather arrives, the lucky few who can afford it may look forward to a vacation home getaway, a place dedicated to comfort and relaxation. On a winter evening, what could be better than a cozy fireplace, surrounded by good company, as well as an all-white landscape visible through the windows?

If you’re one of those lucky ones, maybe you have a simple little cabin, or rather a modern, large chalet? If not, you might be thinking about buying a piece of land and getting down to building it for a future getaway. If the second option applies to you, here are some cottage designs that may inspire the building of your future cozy cocoon!

Reno inspiration: 10 examples of cottage and vacation home designs

1. A rustic chalet for lovers of traditional styles

Wood and stone: a perfect blend that is aesthetically pleasing to the eye! For those who love the look of natural materials and antique design, a rustic-looking cottage with a modern and elegant touch could represent the perfect balance.


Source: home-designing & houseandhome

2. A modern designed cottage with a huge bay window

What could be better than huge windows to watch the snow falling outside? In several examples of newly constructed chalets with a modern design, the presence of large bay windows with a full view of the exterior landscape is a recurring theme.

This allows for a bright space while creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere.


Source: Jolijolidesign & wallpaper

3. A minimalist design that dazzles your eyes

When thinking of minimalism, some people imagine bland and cold, even lifeless decors. However, when properly orchestrated, a minimalist design is refreshing and can lighten the surroundings, in addition to reflecting light into a space.


Source: Marie Claire & Studio-mcgee

4. A small asymmetrical cabin that stands out

In the same realm of modern design, the architecture of your cottage could stand out with an asymmetrical structure! Associated with modern architecture, this style often accompanies that of the huge windows mentioned above.


Source: Fieldmag & Plataformaarquitectura

5. A ceiling under the stars to create the ultimate relaxation spot

Imagine gazing at the stars right from the comfort of your living room or bed, warm in the confines of your cottage. If you liked this image, you could bring it to life by installing a huge glass panel on the roof, like a large skylight.


Source: Dwell

6. A log cabin, like in the good old days

Beyond the rustic character that simple wood and brick can provide, some may choose to go even further for a 100% authentic experience by opting for a log cabin.

This architectural style, which has existed for several hundred years, gives a warm and welcoming feel to the building and makes it almost as though you have stepped back in time.


Source: Thecabindiaries & Mydomain

7. An “A-frame” chalet with a mezzanine for simplicity

You’ve probably noticed that many of the photos in this article are of cabins referred to structurally as "A-frame". If you’re not sure what this refers to, this type of cabin’s name is actually quite descriptive: the structure rises in a triangle, like the letter "A"!

Probably one of our favourite designs, the look of this vacation home doesn't mean that you can't have a unique layout with plenty of space, especially by installing a mezzanine up towards the ceiling.


Source: Cheetahisthenewblack & Design-milk

8. A mini-house as a cottage for the perfect getaway

For lovers of simplicity and comfort, building a small vacation home in the style of a "tiny-house" might be the perfect compromise for you. By combining practicality, economy and pleasure, you’ll be able to ensure a dream vacation, while staying warm in your very own cabin.


Source: Tinyliving

9. A classic veranda for the dining room and a restful atmosphere

Much like a winter kitchen, you could enjoy your meals with the sun setting behind you, or you could just sit still in the late evening and watch it go down! A large glazed veranda, such as a solarium, will help the temperature of your home on those sunny days.


Source: Onekindesign & Planete-deco

10- A neutral yet lavish interior for the romantic among us

Could you imagine waking up inside the interior of this cottage? Talk about the lap of luxury. This dream space may be adorned with mostly neutral shades, but it’s the furthest thing from boring. Between the gorgeous exposed wood walls and ceiling, the huge windows and sliding door,  open-concept living and the soft and cozy decor, we’re ready to spend the rest of the year here!

cottage interior neutralsource: coco cozy

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Last modified 2023-11-07

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