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Cost of Electrical Renovations 2022

Last modified: 2022-09-05 | Approximate reading time 6 mins

When it comes to electrical installations, nothing lasts forever and some equipment in the home will require an update every now and then.

There are many reasons why you might decide to renovate, and this can include aligning with the latest trends, aiming for more comfort or trying to save energy. You might also decide to renovate electrical work to meet the new standards of safety and consumption.

Depending on the condition as well as the size of your home, an electrical installation or renovation project will vary in cost. This is why it’s important to compare prices to get the best value for your money. In most cases, calculating the price of an electrical renovation involves determining the cost of labour along with the price of the electrical parts.

What is the price of a residential electricity renovation project? What is the hourly rate of an electrician? These are the questions we’ll be answering with our article.

The hourly rate of an electrician in different provinces of Canada


source: unsplash

In Ontario, the costs for specific electrical jobs will likely come down to the contractor as well as the job itself. Under the Consumer Protection Act (CPA,) homeowners like yourself are protected from paying overestimated prices. For all electrical work, there should always be a written contract in play. Average costs can range anywhere from simple jobs such as changing a light fixture at $40 an hour to large-scale jobs such as moving electrical work or replacing knows and tubes for up to $7,000.

In Nova Scotia, the UARB (Utility and Review Board) is responsible for labour costs as they relate to electrical work. The hourly rate for jobs can range anywhere between $25 to $70, so be sure to determine the costs upfront before having your contractor complete any work. 

In Alberta, pay for electrical work is on a case-by-case basis. However, all electricians working in the province must be registered as apprentices and are still considered apprentices during their first 4 years on the job. Regardless of the province you’re living in, be certain that you’re working with a qualified professional who is registered and ready to take on the job.

In Quebec, the Building Act (section 49) stipulates that for any electrical work completed, it is imperative to entrust this work to a professional electrician. This is mandatory, for both large-scale as well as small-scale projects including something as simple as installing a power socket. If you don’t work with an electrician, note that you risk a fine ranging from $5,000 to $175,000.

Today, 25% of house fires are caused by problems with the electrical network. To complete electrical work without an electrician will greatly increase the risks to your property. In addition, it’s possible that your insurance will not cover fire or other incidents that occur due to electrical renovations completed by someone who isn’t certified.

Each province has their own established recommended hourly rates for electricians working in the field.

The CMEQ (Corporation of Master Electricians of Quebec) sets the price of labour for light residential electrical work as $106,78 per hour. The price will increase to $110,94 for heavy residential areas. It’s important to note the price of materials and supplies as well as the amounts of GST and QST, must be added to the hourly rate. In addition, travel costs may ring in as extras. 

Cost of electrical renovations

Before signing a contract for electrical renovations, make sure to ask for a quote to estimate a price for the amount of work that will be completed. The quote you get should include all details as well as costs including a statement about the equipment and supplies that will be used (brand, power, etc.)

Cost to upgrade your electrical system at 100A (amps)

Modernizing your electrical system often comes down to obligation due to the changing requirements in cities and municipalities. The standards grow stricter from year to year, making it possible to maximize safety and accessibility. For the renovation of a 100A electrical system, you’ll need a budget that sits between $600 and $960 if your electrical panel is already in a decent state of operation. If it needs to be fully replaced, expect to pay between $1,440 and $2,160 for your renovations.

Cost to upgrade your electrical system to 200A (amps)

Nowadays, our energy and electricity consumption is more and more important. A large portion of the houses in urban areas have an electrical system with an average capacity of 47 amps and 8200 watts, which was the norm in the 1960s.

To better meet the standards in effect today, a 200A electrical system allows you to have an electrical system powerful enough to support your daily electricity needs. This will reduce overheating and the risk of fires considerably. For the modernization of your electrical system at 200A, you will need a budget ranging between $2,160 and $2,280.

Cost to install an auxiliary electrical panel or a new main electrical panel

Installing an auxiliary electrical panel can prevent overheating in your installations by dividing the source of electricity. The installation of a new main electrical panel can be done for a number of reasons, including compliance with new or municipal standards as well as increasing amp capacity.

Allow between $300 and $600 for the installation of an auxiliary electrical panel. When it comes to having a new electrical panel installed by an expert, plan for a budget between $600 and $960.

Cost to add a 120V or 240V circuit

Each room of the home has its own attributes. If you decide to reorganize, you may also need to inspect your electrical connections. Indeed, a kitchen will not have the same electrical needs as a storage room and so forth.

Let’s consider the installation of a 120V electrical circuit. For a room containing a freezer or a microwave, you will be required to pay a sum varying between $300 and $600. Installing a more powerful 240V circuit is recommended for rooms that require more power, such as a washer or a dryer. A budget of $300 to $620 will be required on average.

Cost to add a conventional power outlet

Even if the work on electrical outlets is smaller, remember that you cannot do it on your own. Here is an overview of the prices you can expect for:

The installation of an electrical outlet: between $120 and $350;
The addition of a split cooking circuit: between $180 and $360;
The grounding of a classic outlet: between $120 and $240;
Replacement of a conventional outlet with a compatible aluminum type: $18 to $30 per unit.

Cost to rewire an entire house after renovations

source: unsplash

If your home has undergone a significant change as a result of major renovations, such as a home extension or the addition of a storey, then rewiring your home to supply all the rooms with electricity will be a necessity. For a complete rewiring of your home, expect to spend at least $5000, knowing that prices can easily climb.

For more information on renovations related to electricity, check out these two articles on the subject: How to upgrade your electrical panel and How to tell when it's time to renovate your electrical panel

Any task that is related to electrical work must be completed under secure conditions. In addition, in certain regions of Canada including Quebec, only certified electricians can perform this type of work. Please inquire before you move forward with a renovation project yourself.

Note: The estimated costs are average costs and may vary depending on the case, as well as the difficulty of implementation, the region or other factors that may be beyond the control of your contractor. For a personalized quote, it is recommended that you contact a certified electrician.

Type of electrical renovation project Average price

Renovation of an electrical system at 100A in normal condition

$600 to $960


Renovation of an electrical system at 100A in poor condition

$1,440 to $2,160


Renovation of an electrical system at 200A

$2,160 to $2,280


Installation of an auxiliary electrical panel

$300 to $600


Installation of a new electrical panel 

$600 to $960


Installation of an electrical circuit 120W

$300 to $600


Installation of an electrical circuit 240W

 $300 to $620


Add a conventional power outlet (existing circuit)

$120 to $300


Adding a conventional power outlet (circuit)

$200 to $350

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