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8 Easy Ways to Brighten a Dark Room

8 Easy Ways to Brighten a Dark Room

Interior renovations8 Easy Ways to Brighten a Dark Room

Everyone loves natural light as it pours into the home during spring, summer, fall or winter. However, not every house is lucky enough to be blessed with full sun and therefore, some rooms are left darker than others. Luckily, there are ways to work around living in a dark home with a few optical illusions and design tips that can help you redesign and rearrange for instant brightness.

Of course, adding light or brightness to a room doesn’t need to consist of a full-on renovation. As we mentioned, there are plenty of ways to offer more light to a room without taking on a week-long project. Follow our list of tricks for the rooms of your home to grow a few shades brighter. 

Here are 8 ways to brighten up your home

1) Mirror, mirror on the wall

mirror on wall_8 Easy Ways to Brighten a Dark Room

source: Pixabay

As you may have heard, mirrors allow for light to bounce around a room and create the illusion of a big and bright space regardless of size. This age-old trick is tried and tested, and we suggest it if you have a window in the room. Hang a large mirror on the wall directly across from the window in those darker spaces, and this will let light reflect and open up the room. If you’re not too keen on the idea of a large mirror, try using a bunch of smaller ones for a fun arrangement on your wall, or any sort of reflective surface!

2) Check your lighting

This may seem like an obvious suggestion. However, you may not realize that switching out certain bulbs to those with the correct or highest recommended wattage can make an enormous difference. Not only does switching out bulbs make a difference, but keeping lights clean can create ample lighting in those darker spaces, so remember to give lights a good dusting every now and again. If you have recessed lighting in one of the darker rooms of your home, consider installing LED versions as this will brighten the space and cut down on electricity-related expenses.

3) Minimalism

As we’ve hinted, adopting a minimalist décor is a clever way to brighten up a space. This is because excessive clutter will only intensify an already dark and dreary space. When shelves and rooms are overpacked, they lack the space to breathe. Purge unnecessary clutter every few months and organize your home so that every item in the room has a place.

4) Use white paint to brighten a space

white bricks_8 Easy Ways to Brighten a Dark Room

source: Pixabay

Painting a room white is a tried and tested method for brightening a space. However, it’s important to choose the right shade of white for it to have a significant effect. Do a bit of research to determine which shades work better than others, especially paired alongside your home décor. Another trick that plenty of designers use is to paint the ceiling white. Heavy wooden beams or a dark ceiling can make a room appear smaller or darker, and thus, painting either of these white will open things right up. If you’re really in love with dark colours, just limit these to room accents rather than entire walls.

5) Install open shelving units

Clean, open shelving will offer an excellent way to open a space. Instead of dark or heavy closed cabinets that might feel awkward or excessive in spaces lacking light, opening shelving will add an element of accessibility that will allow light to pour through. Keep displays minimal, highlighting decorative pieces or glasses. If you need storage but want to avoid visual clutter, consider light coloured baskets.

6) Keep window treatments light

As we mentioned, natural light is key to opening a dark room. However, even if you have huge windows, it is important that you dress them correctly. Avoid using dreary or dark drapes that block out this natural light, even in the bedroom. Instead, consider minimal or soft options, such as roman shades or a less opaque curtain in a light colour. This will allow for privacy will still offering light into a room.

7) Avoid heavy or bulky furniture

minimal bedroom_8 Easy Ways to Brighten a Dark Room

source: Pixabay

You might not realize how much bulky furniture is weighing down a room in your home. Not only is a bulky and dark coffee table adding physical weight, but the visual weight is even greater. Try switching up any sombre, thick or heavy furniture for something light and soft, like a glass table or acrylic pieces with slim and lighter-toned appendages. This will work to instantly brighten up a space! White couches or armchairs might sound risky, so try things in creme or grey tones and that will make life a bit easier. If you must use a bulky statement piece, make sure that the rest of the room is donned in small furniture or nothing at all.

8) Opt for metallics

Metals reflect light naturally, and thus, working with metallic pieces or accents in your house can help to reflect light and open up even the darkest of rooms. Consider decorative accessories in silvers or trims in rose-gold. Opt for softer metals, or make sure they fit in with the rest of your home décor. 

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Last modified 2023-11-07

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Table of contents

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