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10 examples of dark kitchens


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10 examples of dark kitchens

Kitchen10 examples of dark kitchens

In a previous article, we presented the most beautiful white kitchens. However, some will say that white kitchens have dominated trends too much in recent years or will prefer to opt for darker shades. That's why we decided to create another list, this time showing kitchens where colour palettes are focused on darker tones like marine blue, forest green, black, brown and gray. 

10 dark-coloured kitchens that are elegant and well-laid out

1) A forest green kitchen in the country style

Cuisine vert foncé_dark green kitchen

Photo: Eye for design

The beams on the ceiling suggest that this kitchen is located in an old country house. We are more used to seeing brown wood beams, but these ones are grey and they blend perfectly with the rest of the decor.

Even if the shades chosen to cover the walls and cabinets of this kitchen are rather dark, the room is filled with a beautiful soft luminosity, imbued with calm and friendly nostalgia.

2) A kitchen where green and wood rub shoulders

Cuisine vert et bois_green and wood kitchen

Photo: Hilary & Flo Ltd

The decor of this kitchen is rather daring because this mix of textures, colours and patterns is not easy to arrange. However, the initiative is successful and the small kitchen brings us directly to a pretty cottage worthy of fairy tales.

3) A modern dark brown kitchen, but not cold for all that!

Cuisine brun foncé moderne_dark brown modern kitchen

Photo: House and Home

This is a kitchen that is radically different from the others presented above! The layout of this kitchen is focused on straight lines, with cabinets that are perfectly integrated into the walls of the room. 

We see the pantry which is enhanced by a pretty sliding glass door and which adds a little bit of colour to the decor of the room.

4) A magical cuisine, combining grey and gold tones

Cuisine éclectique gris et doré_eclectic kitchen gray and gold

Photo: Remodelaholic

The mix of shades of grey, ochre and gold is wonderfully successful in this very cute kitchen/dining room. Once again, we have a unique layout that will not please everyone but will become a huge favourite for some people.

It is by being bold that one often succeeds in creating the most beautiful layouts and looks for dark kitchens. When one decides to opt for darker shades, the room can end up being too dull. By adding a few more vivid shades of colour, as well as various textures, you can have a very interesting result.

5) A kitchen where brown tones dominate

Cuisine mid-century modern brun brown kitchen

Photo: Dwell

This kitchen has a little bit of retro flair and could very well be found in a home from the sixties. However, its layout is not old-fashioned. These are lines that are very well suited to modern layouts and even more classic decors.

Of course, you have to love brown to enjoy this chocolate-toned kitchen. The lighting is subdued but perfectly targeted to highlight certain sections of the room, such as the countertops or storage spaces.

6) A black kitchen, lit by a skylight

Cuisine noire avec comptoir marbre_black kitchen with marble kitchen

Photo: Rover

If you'd like to have a black kitchen, but don't want to compromise the brightness of the room too much, a skylight might be an interesting option to consider. We see in this example that it is possible to opt for a colour palette where black dominates, without the room being too dark.

This kitchen is elegant and full of interesting little details, such as a textured countertop, state-of-the-art appliances and fixtures that add a little bit of warmth to a rather cool colour palette.

7) A kitchen for lovers of dark blue hues

Cuisine bleu foncé_dark blue kitchen

Photo: Studio Mcgee

This image does not show the whole kitchen, but you can still see the nice combination between shades of blue and dark gray. It's chic, timeless and straightforward as a choice of decor, which we like very much!

So, would you like to have a kitchen with a colour palette centred around navy blue or midnight blue?

8) A black, modern and refined cuisine

Cuisine brun noir moderne_dark brown modern kitchen

Photo: Chad Mcmillan

Here is another example of a highly elegant dark kitchen. Once again, we love the choice of windows, which allow natural light to enter the room while being oriented so that the dark hues of the kitchen are highlighted.

The design of this kitchen has a lot of punch and style, with straight lines and a nice use of noble materials like wood and natural stone.

9) A dark kitchen, with touches of white to balance the whole look

Cuisine noire sobre et chic_dark black kitchen

Photo: Style at Home

Here, we have a fine example of a kitchen that will appeal to lovers of contemporary design. It's quite cold-looking, but that doesn't mean that this adjective should be inherently negative! Indeed, this sleek design is highly sophisticated and guided by intention, which makes it work out well.

10) A small kitchen that combines black and wood

Cuisine noire et bois

Photo: Fire Clay Tile

Lastly, we have to openly admit that this kitchen is one of our favourites. Without saying that we would dare to install it in our home, we find that the combination between shades of pale wood and black/grey/blue is very successful.

This kitchen gives us a lot to look at, with a beautiful variety of textures, hues and decorative accessories. It's very small, but each little corner is filled with storage space or architectural details. The whole thing creates a beautiful visual cohesion.

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Last modified 2023-11-07

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