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How to Choose the Best Glazing for Your Veranda

How to Choose the Best Glazing for Your Veranda

Windows and doorsHow to Choose the Best Glazing for Your Veranda

To fully benefit from your veranda, you first have to choose a glazing that suits your needs. Yet, navigating these waters and making a well-informed decision can be challenging considering the plethora of glazing types specially designed for verandas. To lend you a helping hand, here’s an overview of the main types of glass and practical tips to select the best veranda glazing.  

The Advantages of a Glass Veranda

insulation glass for verandas

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Verandas are considered the quintessential lounge area. It’s basically an additional room in your house, one that's both indoor and outdoor. It’s the ideal space to admire nature and benefit from the surrounding greenery. However, to fully reap the benefits of your veranda, you first have to select quality glazing. 

Thermal and Acoustic Insulation

Quality glazing helps retain heat during wintertime and cools down interiors during the summer. During cold spells, glass contributes to thermal comfort by reducing the cold surface effect, and limiting condensation, which protects the integrity of the surface material. In terms of warmer months, glazing helps mitigate significant heat gain, which, in turn, prevents the temperature in the room from rising and the glass from reflecting an uncomfortable glare.

Aside from thermal properties, glazing has other worthwhile advantages. Indeed, it ensures proper soundproofing, which reduces exterior noise pollution.

Aesthetic, Safe, and Bright

Furthermore, its see-through aspect allows considerable natural light to filter in the setting. Indoors, direct access to daylight mitigates energy consumption, resulting in significant financial savings. 

Glazing also guarantees optimal safety and, depending on its tint, may shield you from unwanted stares. 

Note that a glass veranda also significantly improves the overall aesthetic of a home, visually speaking. Glass is retailed in various patterns and colours; there's a little something for everyone, whether your veranda features patterned glass on both sides; a matte, hobnail, or seeded glass with uniform or textured designs.

What type of glazing is used for verandas?

insulation glass for verandas

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Several different types of glazing are made for verandas, each featuring distinctive characteristics and advantages. Here are some of the models retailed:

Single Glazing

A few years ago, single glazing was the only type of glass used for verandas. Nowadays, it’s no longer recommended and has been replaced by other, more effective, models. Indeed, single glazing allows 80% of the sun rays to seep through, creating thermal bridges, and fostering condensation. 

Double Glazing

This type of glazing provides better thermal insulation and yields great natural lighting. Double glazing is two glass panes separated by an air space. It’s heavier and costlier than single glazing. 

Triple Glazing

It’s manufactured with three glass panes mounted on a single frame and separated by a gas-filled (argon or krypton) space. It’s a great thermal insulator. As such, triple glazing is the ideal option if you’re looking to minimize energy-related expenses while maintaining maximum thermal insulation within your veranda.

Solar Control Glazing

Such glazing retains heat inside during the winter and preserves the cool air during warmer stints. It provides excellent insulation and is made with two glass panes:

  • an outward-facing pane that’s slightly tinted, allowing a part of the natural light to filter through, while reflecting the sun’s infrared rays; and 

  • an inward-facing pane that has a laminated layer, which holds the pane as a whole in the event of breakage (won’t shatter).

Soundproof Glass

Acoustic insulated double glazing is the best option if you’re looking to insulate your veranda from exterior noise pollution. This glazing model for verandas is made to absorb sound waves and preserve the calming nature of the setting. The level of acoustic insulation depends on the thickness of the glass (the thicker the better). This sort of glazing also reinforces safety and security given its superior resistance.  

Safety and Security Glazing

This sort of glazing is laminated and famous for its superior resistance. Given said property, it shields the veranda from potential break-ins. Its resistance results from several laminated sheets of glass. This type of glazing won’t shatter on impact.  

Glass Veranda Roof

Glass roofing is used to ensure optimal thermal comfort year-round. It’s also known as low-E glass, so low emissivity or thermally insulating glass. 

Tips for Choosing Veranda Glazing

insulation glass for verandas

Source: Canva 

Prior to choosing the right glazing for your veranda, you must first consider a plethora of vital criteria. You need to know how the space will be used to opt for glazing that will fully meet your needs. The following are some essential criteria to consider:

  • Light level: Make sure the selected glass allows for as much natural light to filter through as possible.

  • Thermal comfort: Ensure your glazing can retain a comfortable indoor temperature year-round, such as insulating glass.

  • Soundproof: If you enjoy a calm and serene setting, opt for glazing that can absorb exterior noise.

  • Privacy: If you’re looking to shield yourself from unwanted neighbouring glares, opt for patterned glass or tinted models.

  • Safety and security: Make sure to select glazing that can protect you from future burglaries and break-ins.

  • Easy maintenance: To streamline your window-cleaning routine, avoid getting oversized (height-wise) glazing or opt for self-cleaning glass. The latter simplifies cleaning and allows for considerable time efficiency.

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Last modified 2024-03-21

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