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Tips For Setting Up a Home Office | Renovation Quotes

Tips For Setting Up a Home Office | Renovation Quotes

Interior renovationsTips For Setting Up a Home Office | Renovation Quotes

With the advancement of technology, and with many jobs becoming digitized, it's growing more common for people to work from the comfort of their home. Whether you’re a new mother raising a baby while trying to meet deadlines or a person who has decided to branch out and bring that new business venture to life, having an efficient and relaxing home office will allow you to maintain productivity and get the most out of life.

We know that setting up a home office isn’t rocket science! However, there are some basic factors that need to be considered before moving forward with this project. The key to success with any home office is finding the right balance between efficiency and comfort, and that’s where we come in.

Here are’s tips for setting up your home office!


Planning a home office

Source: Canva

Before starting the set up of your home office, there are a few questions that need answering. These include but are not limited to: what will this space be used for? Is this a personal office or will external clients be visiting? Will this be a space of collaboration? What equipment is required for you to carry out your work? Etc.

Consider these factors as you begin planning. If you intend on having clients in your home, you may want to create a space that is separate and includes a closing door. If you are raising children while working from home, you may put your home office in a convenient corner of a family room. This way, you can watch your children play while still getting some work done. Take into consideration the size of the space you need as well as how much time you will be spending in your office each day. Knowing your needs is the first way to create a successful home office.

Find a Balance Between Comfort and Efficiency

After you’ve determined your requirements for your home office, start thinking a little deeper about ways to foster comfort while maintaining productivity. Although your office will now be in your home, it is important that this space is not too casual, as productivity will suffer. One way to make sure you’ll be as productive as possible is to create a clear physical distinction between the working space and the rest of your living area.

If you’re using an empty room of your home, or potentially converting a garage or basement into an office, have a door that closes. Let family members know that when this door is closed, you mean business. If you are creating an office nook in one of the main rooms of your home, make sure the home office area is clearly defined from the rest of the living space. Add a partition around your desk, or face away from unnecessary distractions, such as that flat screen TV on your living room wall. If possible, try to keep social activities completely outside of your office space.

Furthermore, set a strict schedule and make sure to work through the hours you’ve set. For family members and loved ones, remind them of your working hours and make sure they respect the time you have allotted! The key to productivity is limiting distractions, so make sure to think long and hard about this when building your home office.

Keep it Pleasant and Personal

Planning a home office

Source: Canva

Creating a home office offers you a level of freedom that you obviously wouldn't have working for someone else. With that in mind, make sure to create a space which feels both personal and pleasant. Do this by expressing your individual style and brand through the decor of your office. Not only will this offer prospective clients some insight into who you are, but it will also create a haven that you’ll enjoy working in. If possible, have your desk be near a source of natural light, as sunlight fosters both positivity and productivity.

Decorate your space with some plants and greenery. Not only will they add some colour, but plants help to clear the air of toxins and provide a fresh working environment. If you don't feel comfortable caring for a living organism, succulents survive in most climates and are not high maintenance. Therefore, these plants are excellent for those without a green thumb who want added life in their home office! 

Incorporate other uplighting touches such as a personal mantra framed on the wall or a corkboard that provides a space for you to tack up reminders or sources of inspiration.

Remember, just because you're at work doesn't mean your office has to be devoid of personality! You're going to be spending a significant amount of time here, so you'll want it to be satisfying.

Equipment and Organization

You’ve likely selected a defined space as well as chosen some personal decor to individualize your office. Now, it’s time to deal with the more serious aspects, including gathering all equipment that applies to your business. Find the best technology for your office: will you be using a computer? Will it incorporate one or two monitors?

Do you require a fax machine, printer, scanner? Consider devices that will allow for speed and efficiency, and only that which you will use daily. You might want an alternate phone line for your office, or a wireless hub so you’re able to move around freely. Invest in fast and efficient items, so that you’ll appear as professional as possible and won’t have to wait around for things to work!

Once you’ve gathered all the equipment you need, you’ll want it to be as neatly organized as possible. Keep your desk neat and tidy, with only work-related items visible. Remove any unnecessary items hanging around, and limit disorganization by keeping the desk decluttered and papers filed away.

Also, store all items and devices in one place: maintain a system by putting things back into their rightful place. This way, office items won’t get mixed up with regular at-home items, relieving stress and keeping things concise. Storage is also very important for an efficient home office. Keep pencil cups or trays for excess office supplies, as well as filing cabinets or floating shelving for any documents you might not be using.


planifier bureau à la maison

Source: Canva

Health and safety are other critical aspects of the home office. The items you’ve chosen for the space should reflect this, and promote good health and wellbeing when in use. Make sure you have a well-designed and comfortable chair, ideally one which allows you to adjust seat height as well as tilt. Adjust your chair to have your feet rest firmly on the floor, and place your keyboard on your desk so that your forearms are parallel to the floor.

The standing desk is another item that has grown in popularity in recent years. Not only is it said to improve productivity, but it also relieves neck and back tension that is caused by sitting for long periods of time. As we’ve mentioned, finding a balance between productivity and comfort is key to creating a successful home office, and in turn, will allow your business to flourish!

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Last modified 2023-11-07

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