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Wall coverings

2 min read

How to Paint the Exterior Walls of Your Home

Wall coverings

2 min read

How to Paint the Exterior Walls of Your Home

Wall coveringsHow to Paint the Exterior Walls of Your Home

Every few years, the exterior walls of your house may need a fresh coat of paint to give the house a new look. Learn more about the ins and outs of exterior wall painting with's easy-to-follow advice and instructions.

How to Prepare Your Work Surface on an Exterior Wall

Start by clearing away any obstacles around the walls. For example, your mailbox, exterior lighting equipment, furniture, etc... Once you have organized your work environment, the next step is to clean the surface you will be painting. 

If the siding on your house is heavily stained, you may have to use a pressure washer to get rid of the accumulated dirt. You should also take this opportunity to repair any minor cracks or holes. However, if the siding is heavily damaged, painting it might not be a good idea. In this case, you may be better off replacing it altogether.

Équipement peinture extérieure_exterior painting surface

What types of paint should you use to paint exterior walls?

There is no one specific answer to this question. It really depends on three things: the type of siding that is installed on your exterior walls, the current state of said walls and lastly, your own personal taste. Paint is available in many different colours and finishes. Here are two different types of paint that can be used outside:

Matte paint: Also known as flat paint, this type of finish tends to swallow light instead of reflecting it. Only to be used on walls that are in good condition and need little to no repair. If you live in a humid area, be sure to apply an anti-foam sublayer before you start painting.

Structured paint (or Textured paint): Looking to give a rustic feel to your outside walls? Go with structured paint. This is a great option for older walls which are a bit damaged. Choose the type of finish which best suits the look for which you are going: brushed, fibre, grainy, etc.

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Last modified 2023-11-07

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Table of contents

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