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What Products Should You Use For Exterior Painting? | Renovation Quotes

What Products Should You Use For Exterior Painting? | Renovation Quotes

Exterior renovationsWhat Products Should You Use For Exterior Painting? | Renovation Quotes

Painting the outside of a house can be a long and gruelling process, but if completed correctly, the transformation can be dramatic! When high-quality exterior paint is applied to a properly treated surface, it’ll last much longer than expected. As well, it will protect the outside of your home from sun, wind, rain and snow. Although the price of paint will often indicate quality, there are several other factors that will help you to determine which paint is right for the exterior of your home.

Here is some advice about the products to use for an exterior painting project

Latex Paint

There is an ongoing debate regarding the right type of paint to use on the exterior of your home. The competition stands between oil-based products, including alkyd paints, which clean up with mineral spirits, or water-based paints which are often referred to as latex paints. Most experts would suggest that water-based paints win hands down. Where oil-based paints block moisture generated inside a home, water-based paint allows for water vapour to pass through the paint film and escape to the outside world. However, when painting an exterior of a home, it is possible to use either paint, and this decision is entirely up to you.


You may be tempted to skimp on paint in order to save money, as paint varies greatly in cost. However, most experts would argue that the premium line from any manufacturer will cover better and last longer than a cheaper brand or product. The costliest part of a painting project is in the labour itself, so buying a premium paint is the homeowner's best bet. Look for a warranty on the paint you choose, as this will be a guide to the quality of paint. Most manufacturers and retailors will offer more than one exterior paint, so here are a few other ways to determine which type of paint would be best for the façade of your home:


If your paint has a quality pigment, it will last longer; simple as that. Choosing a paint with lower-cost pigment will mean that the product must be applied in several coats and will involve much more work, as well as more product. Look for titanium dioxide pigment for painting an exterior of the home, as this will last the longest.

Percentage of Solids

Solids are what’s left over when the paint has dried. With that in mind, you’ll want to look for paint with a high level of solids, specifically anything over 45 percent, as this will create a dense and durable coat of paint.  Some manufacturers will add cheap fillers to boost the solid percentage. It is important to ask your retailer about solid percentage, as this information generally won’t be included on the label.

All-acrylic binder

The binder holds the pigments, mildewcides and other solids together, forming the actual paint. For best results, you want a paint with an all-acrylic binder. An all-acrylic binder is more weather resistant in comparison with vinyl or vinyl-acrylic. Also, consider the material of the surface you will be covering with the paint. Most water-based paints can be used on wood, hardboard siding and trim, as well as vinyl, aluminum siding and masonry.  If you are working on stucco, consider using an elastomeric paint. Also, consider tailor-made paints that are specific to the weather conditions of the region you’re living in, as climate plays a large factor in the longevity of your paint.

Choosing a Paint Colour for an Exterior Painting Project


source: Pixabay, pozytywnewnetrza

If you’re stressing out about what colour you’re going to paint your home, don’t fret too heavily. Take a trip down to your local hardware or paint store and speak with someone who can offer colour cards that suggest colour combinations for things like siding and trims to match the exterior of your home. If they don’t have colour cards on hand, a paint dealer should be able to help you with the colour match without a problem. It is recommended that you favour lighter hues for your home's facade, as dark colours absorb heat, which could lead to moisture problems in the long run.


So, you’ve chosen a colour and style of paint, and now it’s time to prep for the project! Unfortunately, it doesn’t matter much what style or brand you choose if your house isn’t properly prepared for the job.  Make sure to use a primer if you are painting a surface that hasn’t been treated. Primer will seal off the surface and provide a proper palate for your paint to adhere to.

If you’re working on bare wood, look for an alkyd primer, as they stop bleed-through.  If you are repainting, it is not completely necessary to prime first, especially if you do not notice any cracking or flaking in the paint. It is also important to follow the painting instructions, as the outside temperature will affect how well both the paint and primers stick to your home's exterior!

For more about exterior painting, check out this article on our blog: How to Update Your Home's Facade Using Paint

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Last modified 2023-11-07

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