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4 Ways to Transform your Bedroom

4 Ways to Transform your Bedroom

Interior renovations4 Ways to Transform your Bedroom

Every once and a while, we’re hoping for a way to update the rooms of our homes, adding creative, practical and innovative elements without spending a fortune. The bedroom is a special space in that it needs to be cosy and comfortable but also functional.

A bedroom is not just like any other room in the house. In some ways, it is something of a sanctuary within the home, where you spend your most intimate moments. If you’re finding your bedroom just isn’t cutting it and you’re looking to take on a makeover but aren’t quite sure how to start this project, don’t worry too much!

We’ve compiled a few ideas on ways to breathe new life into your room without spending a fortune.

Here are 4 things to consider when renovating your bedroom

1- Give your bedroom walls a makeover

Chambre à coucher moderne_modern bedroom

You've finally decided that it's time to remove that old wallpaper from your walls or to apply a fresh coat of paint. Hopefully, you won't discover any bad surprises along the way, such as damaged walls, holes, or mould. 

If you’re removing wallpaper or come across any damage to your walls, be sure to fill any holes and smooth out or treat bumps or damage. This is so you’ll be starting with a smooth and even surface. Applying a new coat of paint or a new sheet of wallpaper to a smooth surface will be beneficial for the longevity of the new coating!

Next, clean and remove any traces of dust from the walls. Before you start painting, clear away any obstacles from the surrounding areas, paying careful attention to protect the surfaces won’t be painted. Use masking tape or painting tape around the edges of walls, floors and windows to keep paint off unwanted areas.

For optimal results, start by applying a coat of primer, as this will allow your next coat of paint to adhere to the surface properly as well as helping to hide any imperfections. 

If you don’t have the budget to redo your entire floor, why not consider painting the trim around the room in a bright or interesting colour? You might also want to do an accent wall to give a little pop of visual interest.

2- Renovating your bedroom floor

If your floor looks worn out or could use an update, it’s probably time to give it a new look! Depending on which type of floor you’re already working with, there are quite a few options to give your floor a chic revamp. 

If you have carpeting, you can rent a carpet washer to give it a deep clean and have it looking good as new. If you’re finding that you’ve developed allergies or that your carpet is quite old, you could consider removing it altogether.

An alternative to carpeting and an affordable option might be vinyl adhesive flooring. If you have a bigger budget, we’d suggest natural wood or flooring as it is a long-lasting and beautiful option that also holds the advantage of being very durable. 

If you go the vinyl route, this material is easy to install and will require minimal skills and time. While the vinyl installation process is easy, wood flooring should be put in place by a professional contractor.

Chambre à coucher enfants_children's bedroom

3- Mini makeovers

Renovating the floors and walls of your bedroom can work out to be a tedious and time-consuming endeavour. Also, not everyone may have the budget for these projects. There are plenty of simpler projects that you might choose in favour of a weekend DIY job.

Think about various cosmetic changes that will make an impact. Why not buy new bedding? Choose something with a graphic if your room needs a creative element. Another excellent option that adds a quick change is to replace the handles on your bedroom door, dresser, closet and windows and add decorative ones. 

This is a small bedroom detail that’s often overlooked, but it can truly add some personality to an otherwise nondescript or boring piece of furniture.

Keep things around the room as organized as possible and this includes clothing, books and so forth. If you just can’t seem to keep things organized, add a statement piece on top of your storage unit, beside your dresser or another area that may be in need of some visual distraction. Hide any clutter in a cute footstool or a stylish set of baskets.

A new set of curtains can also make a huge difference. They can be used to preserve the intimacy of your room as well as adding a touch of colour. Is your room already too dark? Find sheer or light coloured curtains that allow light to filter in while also working to brighten up the space. 

If you’re attached to your curtains, maybe change the curtain rod to match the colour scheme you have instated for your bedroom. Don’t overlook these options, as you can improve your bedroom's general appearance in a major way with these little tricks of the trade!

Chambre à coucher classique_classic bedroom

4- Add decorative accents to create the perfect bedroom atmosphere

Of course, everyone has their own tastes and needs so there’s no perfect recipe to choose the type of decor that is best suited for a bedroom. However, the main focus of your bedroom should be finding ways to promote sleep and relaxation. 

If your bed doesn’t already have one, consider adding a headboard. Creating your very own customer headboard is a DIY project that isn’t too difficult. If your bed already has a headboard, think about adding extra shelving and hidden storage in this area, as it’s a great way to tuck away items that aren’t always in use. 

It can also add character to the style of the room. If your floor is looking a little bare, why not add a chic area rug or small carpet? Adding the right size rug can make your room look bigger.

Tête de lit_headboard bed_renoquotes_soumissionrenovation

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Last modified 2023-11-07

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