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Renovation Inspiration: 6 Examples of Tiny Kitchens


3 min read

Renovation Inspiration: 6 Examples of Tiny Kitchens

KitchenRenovation Inspiration: 6 Examples of Tiny Kitchens

For one reason or another, not all of us have been blessed with a large kitchen. Whether this is because you’re renting, or simply because your home is on the cozy side, you may feel you lack the room to be truly creative in this space.

Of course, that couldn’t be further from the truth. There are plenty of ways to make the most of your kitchen, even when it’s tiny.

Even if you only have a tiny counter, a few cabinets and drawers and not much else, we’re here to offer some inspiration so that you’ll feel like the possibilities are expansive. 

Renovation inspiration: 6 examples of tiny kitchens!

1- Inventive storage

Source: Canva

In a small space, it’s all about the approach. When it comes to a kitchen, there are plenty of items that need to have a home. Thus, finding innovative and interesting storage solutions such as open-concept shelving will help the space to feel bigger and brighter. Take our example, as the contrast of the wood open shelving on a backdrop of crisp white tile offers just enough visual interest. Plus, with this type of shelving, every item you place down counts, and this means no space for clutter!

2- Keep things lively

Source: Canva

Plants are an excellent way to add a pop of colour as well as some fresh energy, even into the smallest of spaces. Placing a few plants or flowers spread along shelves, or interspersed between appliances will break up the space and add just the right amount of movement.

3- Embrace the space

Source: Canva

Instead of focusing on what you don’t have, find ways to focus on what you do have and embrace it. This kitchen has done its best to maximize seating, doubling the bar space as a countertop as well as a fun island to perch at! We love the pop of colour here too, framing everything beautifully.

4- Innovative approaches

Source: Canva

As we mentioned, when working with a tiny kitchen, you need to look for creative ways to approach space. Don’t have enough room in your cupboards for all the cleaning supplies? Why not try hanging them on the outside of a shelving unit? We adore this storage hack, as it keeps things neat and tidy and thinks about space in a whole new way.

5- Playful potential

Source: Canva

Just because your kitchen is tiny doesn’t mean it has to be drab or boring. Make sure to allow some playful energy into the space, whether that means working with a bold colour palette, a fun backsplash or a patterned wallpaper or floor. This will move the attention away from the size of the room and aims the focus on bold features.

6- Light the way

Source: Canva

Lighting in a room makes a huge difference in terms of ambiance and mood. Also, it can have a drastic impact on how open or closed a space feels, and if your kitchen doesn’t have access to much natural light, where and what lights you choose will become even more important. Consider a stand-out overhead light fixture, or a carefully placed arrangement with a dimmer.

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Last modified 2020-04-17

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