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Léa Plourde-Archer

Insulation is one of the key elements in terms of the level of comfort inside a home. This statement is even more true in a country where winters are harsh and summers are very hot. Indeed, even during the summer, insulation plays a major role because if the walls and other elements are poorly insulated, hot air will pass and energy expenses will be increased.

As far as soundproofing is concerned, this is a very important aspect in relation to the quality of life of the home's occupants. They want to have their privacy, while being able to participate in activities that make noise, without disturbing others. It is also necessary that the house be well-soundproofed with regards to noises coming from outdoors. has many insulation and soundproofing experts in our network. We have also published many articles on this topic on our renovation blog. To make things easier for you, we have collected and classified the articles in this guide about insulation and soundproofing:

General articles about insulation

Here is a list of articles that touch on many aspects of insulation, including the different types of insulation, the average prices of materials available on the market, and environmental concerns. You will also find clues to help you determine if your home is badly insulated and learn what to do in this type of situation.

Isolation en spray dans mur

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Different insulation materials

There is a wide variety of insulation materials for which prices and quality levels differ widely. Before choosing the right material, it is important to evaluate the options available in order to find out what will work best in your home and suit your budget:


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Insulation techniques and parts of the house that need insulation

Each part of the house needs to be well insulated. On the other hand, certain sections are more important than others. Think of roofs, walls, basements and attics, among others. If these sections are poorly insulated, the rest of the house could suffer the consequences. Here are some articles that specifically address the techniques and parts of the house not to be overlooked:


Soundproofing techniques and materials

As previously stated, soundproofing is another very important factor in ensuring that occupants of the home are comfortable. Sometimes, small changes will work to improve the soundproofing, while in other cases, the transformation must be more extensive.

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Other materials that can contribute to insulation and soundproofing in the house

In addition to insulation and soundproofing materials, other materials such as air and vapour barrier membranes can greatly help ensure that the house is in good condition. Here is an article that talks about vapour barriers:


Potential problems

In the past, certain insulation materials contained products that are now banned or whose use is heavily regulated, including asbestos. Here is an article that discusses the dangers of this element and techniques for removing asbestos-containing materials:

Tax credits for insulation and soundproofing projects

Since proper insulation helps to make the home more energy efficient, many tax credits and subsidies are available through various levels of government. These programs often change but here is a presentation of several credits and subsidies currently available:


Other relevant articles

Here are a few other articles that talk about insulation, among other things:


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