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8 Ways to Divide your Space in an Original Way

Last modified: 2022-05-24 | Approximate reading time 3 mins

With populations in big cities growing constantly, more and more people are opting for small spaces. In some cases, they will adapt these spaces to make them as comfortable and versatile as possible in order to stay there for a long time. With an increasingly competitive housing market, it's normal to see this growing phenomenon when people land the perfect apartment, rather than having to think about moving again.

As mentioned above, this is why many architects and interior designers focus on efficiency and practicality, rather than extravagant and cumbersome designs. Even if your space is not necessarily small, you may have large rooms that could easily be divided, thus creating defined sections. Here are some simple and original options to divide your rooms without cluttering them.

8 ways to divide your space in an original way

1. Japanese-style sliding doors

This option is versatile for several types of spaces. In open-concept style homes, Japanese-style sliding doors are perfect for those who want to section off parts of the main floor or a larger area. We can find many different designs online which show the usefulness of these doors, either to hide a reading room, create a small bedroom with a platform bed or simply to hide an entertainment unit.

Here is an article for your sliding door plans that might help you:

Porte coulissante_japanese sliding doors

Source: famuratbuilders

2. Wooden slats for a semblance of privacy

Does your main living space unfold in one room? Do you live in a loft? A beautiful and ideal solution to separate various spaces would be to use several wooden slats close together, from the ceiling to the floor, following the desired length. This type of partition is perfect for the living room or your bedroom.

Lattes de bois séparatrices_wooden slats as divider

Source: archello

3. A giant library that imitates a wall

Both simple and practical, a storage unit like a bookcase that reaches the height of your ceiling will offer you a quick solution. In several examples, we see different types of design and construction, including a custom bookcase with an opening in the center, as if to imitate a door frame.

grande bibliothèque murale_big wall shelf

Source: cupofjo 

4. The return of Mid-Century design

In the past few years, the popular mid-century style of the 1950-1970s has been brought to the forefront, with the design now referred to as "Mid-century modern". During that period, artistic and creative partitions were very popular throughout homes and their beauty is why people continue to be inspired by them today!

division style mid-century_mid century modern room dividers

Source: Lonny

5. An industrial design partition for the bedroom

Perfect for lofts (but not exclusive to them), the construction of industrial style glass walls can offer an interesting visual detail to your home. Generally made with metal and glass, it’s also possible to recreate this design using wood and plexiglass sheets for a DIY solution and/or for small budgets.

Murs industriels vitrés_industrial glass walls

Source: thesorrygirls

6. A wooden wall with a door for a complete division

When browsing Pinterest for inspiration, one particular design seems to resurface often. Custom-designed according to the layout of the room or the desired position, a wooden wall with a door (or simply a door frame), is installed to create a complete division.

mur en bois avec vitre_wooden wall with glass

Source: liliinwonderland

7. Frosted glass panel for a partition with a personalized touch

Much like a bay window, a simple wooden panel framing a frosted window is a simple and delicate way to create a room divider. As with many lofts, the entrance leads directly to the entire apartment, and such a solution could prove practical when looking to separate it from the rest of the living area.

panneau en vitre givré_glass partition

Source: futuristarchitecture

8. A strategically placed counter

A simple yet highly unique way to divide a kitchen is to use a countertop that is placed on an island or stretched out in a way that frames the layout of the room.

For the complete effect, consider adding hanging shelves, or simply hooks for pots and pans.

If this option seems right to you, here are other articles that could enlighten you on the subject:

comptoir central_countertop in the middle of the room

Source: thedesignfiles

To inspire you even more, and because there are multiple variations for all of these ideas, each as beautiful as the other, you can consult this Pinterest board created especially for you!

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