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How to Maintain Window Shutters?

How to Maintain Window Shutters?

Exterior renovationsHow to Maintain Window Shutters?

Window shutters are a classic choice when it comes to indoor and outdoor home decor. They offer a hint of sophistication while increasing the privacy of your home.

Not to mention they work to insulate, blocking excess sunlight and keeping air from escaping. But, if you’ve ever had shutters, you’re likely aware that they get dusty easily and thus, need to be properly maintained to preserve their charm. 

Knowing the correct cleaning methods for shutters can help you make the most of these window covering options. This article will explore some popular cleaning methods as well as other practices that’ll help keep them durable and looking fantastic.

Tips to maintain window shutters

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1- Try to keep dust at a minimum

Even though window shutters are a delightful addition to all decor styles, they are prone to collecting dust. This is a result of their design, so don’t feel too discouraged. The key is to dust your shutters regularly to keep it at a minimum.

To do this, close the shutters to as flat as they’ll possibly go and then use a microfibre or clean cotton cloth to dust them. If you don’t have a cloth on hand, a clean sock will work to pick up dust particles. Be sure to begin at the top of your shutters and work your way down. 

This job can also be completed with a vacuum. If you’re using a vacuum, make sure it’s on a low setting and if possible, use a small dry brush attachment to wipe away excess dust. Finish this job by wiping shutters with a dryer sheet, as their anti-cling action works wonders to keep shutters looking their best between cleanings. 

2- Use the right cleaning products and methods

Shutters are available in a variety of materials, including vinyl, aluminum, real wood, and faux wood. As mentioned, dusting window shutters with a clean and dry cloth will be effective regardless of the material they’re made from. Now when it comes to deep cleaning them, you should be careful about the products you choose to use.

Avoid harsh cleaners and chemicals. If your shutters are wood, bear in mind that they can become damaged, warped, and discoloured if they get too wet. Instead, clean your wood shutters with a duster that’s been lightly sprayed with lemon oil. In contrast, aluminum, faux wood, and vinyl should be cleaned with water and a mild detergent. Then, wipe them dry so avoid water sitting on the surface of the material.

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3- Don’t forget about shutter hinges

In order to avoid excess dirt and dust buildup, shutters should be wiped down with a damp cloth about once a week. Two areas that you should pay special attention to is the shutter hinges and around the corners of louvers. If you find pockets of stubborn dust or dirt buildup, you can try using a paintbrush or toothbrush to clean hinges and crevices. 

If your home has exterior shutters, it’ll be in your best interest to clean and oil them once a month. The hinges of exterior shutters generally become stiff and squeaky as a result of weather exposure. This can be fixed with a drop of lubricant.

Make sure that before you add lubricant to the hinges that you brush away visible dust or dirt, then place a drop of lubricant under the head of the hinge pin. Following this, open and close the shutters several times, so that the lube can work its way into them. They'll operate like new in no time!

4- Louvers: know how to care for them

Not only do your shutters have to look nice and well kept, it’s also important for them to work properly. Louvers are a major piece of the shutter puzzle and refer to the individual slats or blades that rotate to control privacy and light entry.

If you have shutters with visible tilt-rod controls, always use the rod to open and close your shutters. If your shutters have a hidden or invisible rod-tilt, it’s recommended that you grasp a middle louver, tilting it to operate the rest. We’d say you should avoid opening from the end of the slats, as this will lead to weakening them.

It’s also worth mentioning that whenever operating shutters, you should use a gentle hand. If you’re finding that your shutters are having trouble opening and closing, use a screwdriver to adjust the screw at the upper edge of the shutter panel. This will help with any tension buildup.

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As you may now know, shutters can be difficult to clean. But, if you abide by some regular maintenance, good cleaning and care, you’ll avoid damage and breakdown. We hope these tips are helpful for when you notice that your shutters need a little bit of extra attention!

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Last modified 2023-11-07

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