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10 examples of interior ceiling designs

Last modified: 2022-07-29 | Approximate reading time 4 mins

Karine Dutemple

Who said a ceiling should be dull and boring? If yours lack style and they seem uninteresting, here are some designs that you might be interested in!

10 beautiful styles of ceiling designs

1) A ceiling with recessed light


Source: Pinterest (

This magnificent ceiling has one major advantage: the presence of recessed lights inside the squares allowing light to be diffused throughout the room and leaving no corner in the dark. Also, the interior of each section is adorned with mouldings, which adds a touch of elegance to the room. Lastly, we love the choice of sober colours that evokes calmness. 

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2) Horizontal beams for a classic look

plafonds avec poutres en bois_¨Pinterest_ceiling with wooden joists

Source: Pinterest (

This is a classic style where the beams follow one another horizontally and are adorned with traditional colours. Visually, the succession of beams provides a certain volume to the ceiling and creates a beautiful design.

The white that adorns the planks under the wooden beams is meant to evoke other shades present in the rest of the room and ensures a certain continuity between the various elements included in the decor.

3) A ceiling with a unique look

plafond en forme de fleur_Pinterest_flower shaped ceiling

Source: Pinterest (

The pattern that adorns this ceiling is certainly one of a kind! This flower design created with mouldings brings a lot of character to the room and automatically draws the eye in its direction. Its considerable dimensions also enhance the size of the ceiling.

More importantly, it's interesting to see how gorgeous the symmetry effect is. Let's not forget to mention the presence of the magnificent mouldings that frame the whole look and add an extra touch of finesse to this decor that already has a lot to show! 

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4) A look for car enthusiasts

plafond avec plaques d'immatriculation_Pinterest_ceiling with car

Source: Pinterest (

This ceiling is the most unique one in this list and will certainly appeal to car enthusiasts! This aesthetic choice istands out from all the monochrome styles and certainly fits into a category of its own.

The variety of colours and numbers is visually captivating and it matches beautifully with the shade of the walls. Finally, we must point out that choosing neutral decor for the rest of the room is wise because it allows the ceiling to be highlighted and avoids the creation of an overly surcharged decor.

5) Decorative tiles for a refined look

tuiles décoratives au plafond_Pinterest

Source: Pinterest (

As the previous image demonstrates, decorative tiles can create quite a look on a ceiling! The unique pattern of tiles shown here is highly refined and invites us to observe it more carefully. We appreciate the aged look of the tiles which contributes to their unique charm and beauty. This decor focuses on white, which is a timeless classic.

6) White and dark wood for a classic design

plafond avec poutres foncées_Pinterest_ceiling with dark joists

Source: Pinterest (

If there is one classic design choice that we appreciate, it has to be dark wood and white. Once again, the look created here is successful. The contrast between the two helps showcase the height of the ceilings, which is one of the major assets of the room.

Of course, not everyone can enjoy ceilings as fancy as these, but for those who have this chance, this is the best way to showcase them!

8) Metallic tiles

tuiles au plafond_Pinterest

Source: Pinterest (

Although we've already presented a decorative tile model earlier in this list, we want to give you an idea of the other options available to you for this type of design.

The model in the previous image is less detailed but still has a beautiful pattern. Also, the metallic finish allows the light to reflect while adding shine and poise to the decor.

9) Circular mouldings to create a spectacular design!

moulures circulaires_Pinterest_circular mouldings

Source: Pinterest (

When we think of including mouldings in the decor of a room, circular designs rarely come to mind. However, by pairing them in a certain way, you can create an absolutely spectacular look! The arrangement of mouldings that form intersecting circles creates a beautiful design on the ceiling. This work of art alone brings true character to the room.

10) Different shades of wood for a rustic touch

toit en v_Pinterest_v shaped ceiling

Source: Pinterest (

If we often think of incorporating wooden beams, the idea of choosing different shades of wood is an avenue rarely taken. Still, it offers a design that is full of nuances. The result is unique but still quite sober. This brings softness and warmth to this hallway that adopts a reinvented rustic style.

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