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Meet a Client: a Testimony of Their Experience | Renovation Quotes

Meet a Client: a Testimony of Their Experience | Renovation Quotes

Interior renovationsMeet a Client: a Testimony of Their Experience | Renovation Quotes

After owning their house for more than four years, Mrs. Benitez and her husband have recently decided to renovate their basement.

The room will be used to welcome their relatives so they can watch the FIFA World Cup together this summer (2014). Afterwards, it will be turned into an office. Since they found their contractor through our website,, we went to meet the couple after the renovation project had ended in order to review their experience.

When we asked Mrs. Benitez why she chose our services, she told us that she wanted to deal with qualified contractors. “It is easier and faster because we didn’t have to search for a contractor ourselves. Thanks to this service, we got quotes from different contractors for the same project.

They were all done professionally and allowed us to compare prices. The contractors came to meet us and we were able to talk to them and ask them questions. That really made the difference because it enabled us to establish a relationship of trust with them” said Mrs. Benitez.'s main goal: making the home renovation process easier for clients

According to these clients, the experience has been a positive one starting from the beginning. The workers were nice and efficient throughout the whole process which is always a good thing for both the owners and the neighbours! The couple looked forward to enjoying this freshly renovated basement room by cheering on their favourite teams and players. 

Before you start your renovation project, make sure to choose the right contractor for your project. With the services of, Mrs. Benitez claims that she was able to save a lot of time and many headaches!

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Last modified 2023-11-07

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Get 3 free quotes for your project!

Submit a project and get 3 free quotes!

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