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The bathroom of the future

Last modified: 2020-12-11 | Approximate reading time 4 mins

Amanda Harvey

When you think about your bathroom, you may not consider it a space with futuristic potential. The possibilities of our world have expanded as a result of technology, and of course, your home is the next logical step when it comes to enhancing your lifestyle. A bathroom is a place you might initially overlook, but consider how much time you spend in this room. Technological upgrades to the bathroom can improve form, function as well as hygiene.

When it comes to bathroom innovation, there will be specific elements in focus including sustainability, good design and technological enhancement. Let’s look at the ways in which the bathroom of the future is completely transformed into something we may not initially recognize but that will take technological innovations and use them to revolutionize the way you’re using the space.

The bathroom of the future!

Sustainability: energy and water-saving bathroom appliances

sustainability bathroom

source: unsplash

Even though the world is becoming more technologically driven, there is still a growing and increasing focus on how to be conscious of our environment. Eco-friendly products and solutions are in hard focus, and the bathroom of the future will be no exception. This is because resources such as water, electricity, and waste are common bathroom components. To address these environmental concerns, companies that manufacture products for bathrooms are beginning to consider smart technology as well as eco-friendly design.

With a focus on both efficiency and sustainability, a futuristic bathroom will consider the way we use energy and water. This will include appliances such as the sink, shower, and toilet having specific settings for temperature control and only using hot water when it’s absolutely necessary. With new digital shower and bath technologies, you’ll be able to set a specific temperature preset.

Another common way that future bathrooms will approach sustainability is through appliances that have a limiter placed on the water flow rate. There are already shower and bath options on the market that allow you to set a timer as well as reminders for how long you’ve been showering. Aside from the bath and shower, there are plenty of water-saving sink and toilet options available.

FUturistic japanese toilet

Photo: Flickr- Lhoon

Innovation: bringing smart home technology into the bathroom

Bathrooms of the future will be run by advanced technologies. This shouldn’t be surprising, as we’re seeing this happen in many rooms of the home including the kitchen, living room, and the bedroom. Interactivity is high up on the list when we consider the direction technology is moving. When it comes to the bathroom of the future, we will see interactive elements with almost every device and appliance: shower, bathtub, toilet, sink, mirror, and so forth.

As we mentioned in our previous paragraph, digital showers are a growing trend. This will include the aforementioned temperature control, water-limiting features, as well as a chromotherapy. Chromotherapy is in its early stages and is the science behind using colours to adjust the vibrations in the body. Essentially, your chromotherapy shower will include a lighting system which is interchangeable dependant on your mood.

This technology is meant to have a positive impact on mental health and wellbeing. Another common futuristic technique we’re seeing is the ability to sync your phone with your shower head, with many options on the market that allow you to play music straight from the head itself. This might seem excessive, but smart technologies are popping up in plenty of places around the bathroom to make things more fun, and create a lasting experience.

Sinks are becoming height-adjustable, moving up and down as dependant on the user. This is excellent for those who aren’t able-bodied or if you have children in the home, increasing comfort and accessibility within this space. When it comes to the toilet, we’re seeing innovation in design features including foot and seat heaters as well as adjustable basin heights to accommodate loved ones of all different shapes and sizes.  

The smart mirror is another high tech bathroom feature that’s coming into play. The mirror itself will act similarly to an iPad, offering real-time news, television, schedule updates, and so forth while you or your loved ones are primping and priming before the morning commute. 

Lastly, voice recognition is becoming a pivotal component of the bathroom of the future. Assisting in controlling appliances including controlling and scheduling water use, light fixtures and so forth; this technology is simply in place to make everything a little bit easier.

How technology will improve hygiene

modern bathroom

source: unsplash

As we’re discussing the bathroom, we need to touch on the idea of improved hygiene as it relates to modern technology. There are plenty of tech upgrades that focus on bathroom hygiene. Sensor faucets seem to have been around since the dawn of time, giving you a way to avoid touching the faucet after using the toilet. We’re seeing this technology being integrated into the home bathroom more and more.

Another feature that is becoming commonplace is self-cleaning toilets. These devices will self-wash, incorporating sensors as well as interfaces to schedule regular cleaning periods. More and more, the toilets of the future are incorporating a bidet element or option, so that cleanliness is never an afterthought.

As we move forward, we should continue to embrace new technologies being integrated into every area of our lives. The bathroom of the future isn’t so far off, and the exciting and innovative options offered are in place to provide solutions to problems we face on a daily basis.

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