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Renovation Budget: the price for a gypsum installation budget

Renovation Budget: the price for a gypsum installation budget

Interior renovationsRenovation Budget: the price for a gypsum installation budget

Do you need to have a gypsum board installed as part of a home renovation? Although it’s conceivable to carry this task out on your own, you may be more comfortable entrusting this project to a professional for both quality and speed.

Before picking up your phone, it’s normal to be curious about how much this project is going to cost. 

How does one estimate the cost of laying gypsum?

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In order to determine the price of a gypsum laying project, you’ll need to first determine the area that will need to be covered. To do this, begin by measuring and calculating the surface area of your walls and ceilings. Although at first, you may think that doors and windows will need to be subtracted from the dimensions, that’s not the case. In fact, these areas will not change the number of panels you’ll need to carry out this project.

Once you determine how many panels you need, as well as the cost of both materials and labour, the contractor will be better equipped to provide you with a price corresponding to the area of the room you’re going to be renovating. In most cases, they’ll be working with panels that are 4 feet by 12 feet, as the installation of these will create a smaller number of joints. However, if you’re renovating a kitchen, bathroom or wet room, 4 x 8 inch panels will be installed as water repellent panels are only available in this format. 

Panel type: a factor that influences the price

When it comes to factors that may cause the cost of your project to vary, we should mention that the type of panel you decide to use will make a difference in the overall cost. In most cases, a standard panel is used. However, your project may require the use of waterproof, fire-resistant, flexible or DUROCK cement gypsum boards.

Regarding the waterproof panels, it’s important to mention that they’ll cost a little more than the standard panels. If you need this style of panel installed, you should expect to pay more. In fact, water-repellent gypsum panels will cost approximately $18/panel.

Further, if your project involves working with a commercial space, you’ll need to install fireproof panels. Again, this will have you paying more, as fireproof panels come in around $21, depending on the chosen format.

Some projects require the use of flexible panels. These are often used for the construction of walls with rounded lines, such as stairwells or arches. These panels will cost a similar price to the waterproof ones we mentioned above.

Finally, for those who wish to opt for DUROCK cement boards, these will be necessary for situations where you’ll need to solidify a wall or floor, or alternatively as a heat shield behind a fireplace. DUROCK cement boards can be installed at an average cost of $42. In comparison, a standard gypsum board costs between $15.50.

Type of panel
Price (per panel)
approximately $15.50$
approximately $18
approximately $18
approximately $21
DUROCK cement   
approximately $42

The price of a gypsum laying project (regular panels)

Gypsum installation project

Including materials and installation, your gypsum laying project should cost you around $2 per square foot. Of course, do bear in mind that this price is for standard panelling. To get a better idea of the costs based on the size of the renovated room, see the table below:

1000 square feet
2000 square feet
3000 square feet
4000 square feet
5000 square feet    

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Last modified 2023-11-07

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