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10 Examples of Tidy and Organized Pantries

Last modified: 2020-11-20 | Approximate reading time 5 mins

Karine Dutemple

Whether you're messy or on the contrary, ultra-organized, you'll agree that a tidy pantry is very convenient on a daily basis! We go to the pantry several times a day to pick up snacks, ingredients and to store groceries.

To avoid wasting too much time looking for what you need or finding storage space for the things you bring home, it's important to establish a good organization system in your pantry.

Do you dream of installing a pantry in your home or improving the one you already have? In this article, we'll present 10 examples of food storage spaces to give you ideas for your project!

10 pantries where storage and organization have been optimized

1) A pantry behind sliding doors

Garde manger_porte coulissante porte de grange_pantry_sliding door_barn door

Photo: Cinq Fourchettes

When we think of a pantry, we generally imagine a large piece of furniture or a section of cabinets that are part of the kitchen or inside a closet, ideally large enough so that we can walk in. Having doors in front of the pantry creates a neater, more minimalist decor.

However, if sliding doors are chosen, you may decide to keep these doors open in order to quickly access the shelves and change the look of the room.

2) A hyper-organized pantry for storage enthusiasts

Garde-manger ultra organisé_ultra organized pantry

Photo: Classy clutter

Fans of storage and organization will fall in love with this pantry where everything is placed in its own dedicated space. Instead of aligning the products on the shelves, the owners opted for individual storage bins. On the front of the bins, they wrote the contents that will be stored inside (chips, pasta, bread, ingredients for pancakes, etc.).

In doing so, as soon as they have a particular desire, they will know exactly where to look. Initially, you have to take the time to place everything and it can look like a nice puzzle. On the other hand, once it's done, it becomes very easy to use on a daily basis and it allows you to spend less time looking for what you need.

3) A pantry that also serves as a very sophisticated cellar

Garde-manger derrière porte_ pantry behind door

Photo: CTendance

Here is a pantry that is not entirely dedicated to food. We see that the owners use it mainly to place plates and drinks. It must be said that there are no rules to determine what can be store in this space.

We see that the door that separates the kitchen from the pantry fits well with the rest of the kitchen and that the top part is a window, which creates a nice transition between the spaces.

4) A bright pantry with soft decor

Garde-manger grand et lumineux_bright and large pantry

Photo: Fraîchement pressé

Here is a very large pantry that looks almost like a room in itself, because you can easily move around in it. The shelves are very well-organized and the glass doors allow you to admire these structures which are both pretty and practical.

5) A modern pantry behind glass doors

Garde-manger porte vitrée_pantry glass doors

Photo: Interiors online 

Next, we have an example of a very modern and sophisticated pantry. The sliding doors are glazed, but the glass is textured so if you don't manage to maintain impeccable storage, it won't have a negative impact on the cleanliness of the kitchen in general.

6) A pantry that will appeal to organizational enthusiasts

Garde manger walk-in organisé_organised walk-in pantry

Photo: Lily Ann Cabinets

Here is another dream pantry for fans of Marie Kondo or The Home Edit (two home organization specialists). Everything is condensed, easy to find and strategically placed. Also, there is enough room to stock up, which should appeal to Costco members.

7) A pantry with lots of shelves and drawers

Garde-manger porte coulissante_sliding door pantry

Photo: Making your home beautiful

Here's another example of a pantry hidden behind a sliding door. This time, instead of installing barn doors that are sometimes very imposing, the owners have opted for sliding doors that are thin and that glide into the wall. If you don't have a lot of space available, this may be a good option.

As for the interior layout of the pantry, there is a nice combination of drawers and shelves. This makes the space more ergonomic and efficient.

8) A pantry built into kitchen cabinets

Garde-manger dans armoires cuisine

Photo: Martha Stewart

As mentioned in the introduction, some pantries are integrated directly into the cupboards. This option is especially popular in small kitchens or spaces where it isn't possible to insert a pantry room.

Here, everything has been optimized. The drawers provide easy access to all the ingredients and products stored in this pantry. This is much more efficient than fixed shelves, as it can be difficult to access objects at the bottom of the pantry.

9) A pantry at the back of the kitchen in the shape of a hallway

Garde-manger sur mur cuisine_pantry on kitchen wall

Photo: Simplicity in the south

In small kitchens, each surface must be optimized for the room to fulfill its full potential. That's why in this example, the back wall is turned into a pantry. As storage is in plain sight, it is best to use baskets and containers for food.

10) A pantry for lovers of rustic decor

Garde-manger style rustique_rustic pantry

Photo: We lived happily ever after

Rustic decor has been very popular in the past few years and since this style is easy to adapt according to the eras, we think that this trend is not ready to disappear! Here is a nice pantry that seems to belong in old country houses, but could very well be integrated into more contemporary decor.

Again, it's tidy and the space is flexible, adapting to the changing needs of the occupants. For example, we see that they decided to place dishes in this space, as well as provisions of non-perishable food. There is also a container to store potatoes and onions, two foods that keep best in cool spaces, in the shade and outside the refrigerator.

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