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Are you planning a renovation project that requires the expertise of a demolition specialist? Demolition projects must follow a strict security protocol. That’s why it’s so important to hire people who have access to the right equipment and who have the necessary experience in this field., an online quoting service that helps you with your demolition projects

  • Partial demolition
  • Commercial demolition
  • Concrete demolition
  • Debris removal
  • Excavation
  • Decontamination (asbestos, mold)
  • Disaster clean-up
  • Grinding and pulverizing
  • Dismantling structures
  • Heavy machinery
  • Load bearing wall removal

What is residential or commercial demolition?

Demolition is a very strong word that evokes the image of buildings being reduced to dust using dynamite. However, in most cases, heavy machinery, such as excavators and compact loaders are used to complete the job.

Demolition experts can be called upon to complete any type of job that fits the description as described above. What should be known and remembered is that the work must be completed by professionals.

Trying to do this type of work yourself is very risky, even for small-scale projects. There are many potential errors and the consequences can be devastating. Imagine that the wall that you destroyed turned out to be a load bearing wall and that without knowing, you interfered with the stability of the house. You might not realize this immediately but your house could be at risk for collapsing. All this for wanting to save a few hundred dollars by doing things yourself, without the advice and expertise of a pro.

Instead of relying on your handyman skills or hiring a friend that has experience but no professional licences, you should always entrust this type of project to demolition experts. What’s more, if you decide to do things yourself, you could face consequences, whether they be fines or problems with your insurance company that will not want to reimburse you in case of damages.

All valid reasons point to the importance of setting up meetings with demolition companies that will evaluate the proper course of action. Representatives for these companies will present quotes and it will be up to you to choose which one you want to work with.

Why resort to a demolition process?

Although it may seem surprising, in some cases, demolishing a structure can turn out to be more cost-effective than renovating it. This is particularly true for buildings that are in a bad state. Things like this tend to be exposed following unfortunate events such as fires and floods, where the structure has sustained a lot of damage.

Sometimes, it also happens with buildings that are worn out due to their advanced age and that haven’t been properly maintained over time.

Unfortunately, houses are constantly exposed to harmful elements and calamities. Sometimes, the danger originates within the construction material. This is the case, among other things, for asbestos-based materials which were often used in houses dating from before 1990. To avoid environmental contaminations, special demolition methods must be employed.

This type of situation also applies to dry rot, a wood-decaying fungus that has been wreaking havoc on houses lately and that has attracted media attention. The demolition process for houses that are affected by dry rot must take into account that it can spread through air. 

Time permitting, get several evaluations for your case which requires the work of demolition experts, no matter the nature of the problem.

Make sure you also choose a demolition company that offers debris removal. You don’t want to stay stuck with the rubble stemming from the destruction process. It could contain polluting substances and other dangerous objects.

Check out our blog section to find out more information about demolition projects, including how to identify a load-bearing wall, as well as advice from demolition specialists, covering a wide variety of subjects.

Here is a photo gallery showcasing different projects carried out by contractors that are a part of our network:

Service de démolition_Soumission Rénovation 01 Service de démolition_Soumission Rénovation 02 Service de démolition_Soumission Rénovation 03 Service de démolition_Soumission Rénovation 04

Are you a demolition expert?

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What a productive and pleasant experience. The entire process worked like clockwork. We got responses from contractors who clearly understood their craft and were consequently able to make the best choice for our particular needs.

Ron Hinzel
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Very efficient to find local contractors within a day. Extremely quick, and the contractors usually contact you. You only need to fill out one form instead of contacting multiple contractors. They offered us a wide range of contractors, at varying prices and experience levels. They were also able to find us contractors who had smaller businesses - they were much more affordable than the competition, but we wouldn't have found them otherwise because a lot did not have websites.

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Very prompt service, they found me a good contractor! 10/10

Kevin Blakeley
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I stumbled on Renoquotes while searching for a local painter. I found their website and was pleasantly surprised by the service. It’s like a search engine for local contractors. You enter the details of your project and your location and they will put you in touch with three or more local contractors. You get estimates from those and then decide what to do next. It worked very well. I would recommend them.

Shiraz Elkheir
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In Vancouver BC, I went with SN Consulting for my painting project. They are great and have been doing it for years. They also do other services!

Martin Nowak
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Very good portal and was able to find a contractor for a very niche project.

Paolos Betros
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We have been in business for 20 years now, We decided to signed up with and we only have good things to say, they're fast to reply and they bring a lot of potential customers for your business. This is a reliable company. Thanks Renoquote !

Christine and Christian Charbonneau
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Excellent website help customers find a good contractor. The service of web agent is knowledgeable and provide extra help. Highly recommended.

Allie Sandra MIN
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We needed a window seat made for our bow window in the playroom. We dealt with Hassan from J and H renos. We had started the job with someone else, but they were unable to complete the job due to illness. Hassan came in and priced the job and worked with what we had. He did an amazing job and his workmanship was impeccable. I would highly recommend this company for any renovations.

A Waterson
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Supplied some Great Company Names and quick Quotes. Used one of them and they did a GREAT job at a reasonable price. Will refer to others.

Doug Sontag
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