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Garage layouts: 10 examples

Last modified: 2022-11-09 | Approximate reading time 5 mins

The garage is often one of the last places to get the attention it deserves in terms of decor and layout. It’s first and foremost a space that is meant to be useful,  although in some cases, it can be turned into a workshop, a play space or a storage room.

However, it’s practical and satisfying to be able to enjoy a well-designed garage layout that meets your needs. For example, you can integrate beautiful storage spaces, a laundry room, cleaning areas for cars and so on.

There are more possibilities than one might imagine when it comes to designing and decorating a garage. If you’re thinking of arranging your garage to make it to your liking, this list may help you come up with some ideas!

Garage: storage, decor and utility

1- A garage with storage space for gardening tools

gardening tools garage_Garage layouts: 10 examples

photo: A Beautiful Mess

The garage is a good place to store gardening tools since this equipment should be easily accessible when working outdoors. This is especially true in summer when landscaping maintenance is done daily. As you can see, this wall storage is organized so that everything is visible and easy to find.

The yellow half-wall is very effective in adding some life to this otherwise often dreary space, and what about the patterned triangle floor? It's hard to be in a bad mood in a room with such dynamic decor!

2- A tidy, clean and welcoming garage

storing garage_Garage layouts: 10 examples

photo: Art of organization

Here we have an example of a classic garage which caught our attention as a result of the amount of storage space. However, as you can see, these structures don’t clutter the room. On the contrary, the shelves have been placed against the wall or up high. This is so people can move around the garage freely while cars are inside.

Some other interesting features of this space:

  • The smooth concrete floor
  • Doors and accessories that follow a palette of gray, green and blue
  • A window that allows for the enjoyment of natural light

3- A workshop in a garage

workshop in garage_Garage layouts: 10 examples

photo: Charles and Hudson

The garage is often an ideal place to design a workshop. This is because it's a room where you likely feel more comfortable making noise and getting your hands dirty. Are you a professional artist or a weekend handyman? You may consider setting up a workshop area in your garage, like the one seen in this example.

4- Large shelves for a tidy garage 

shelves garage_Garage layouts: 10 examples

photo: Family Handyman

When it comes to designing a garage layout, for most people, storage is sure to be a top priority. This space is often used as a storage room and also, a place where one will store tools and things that don’t have a place inside the home.

To easily access these objects, you’ll need to create a practical storage system, one that is well organized and adapted to the use of the objects in question. Here, the owner has opted for open shelves with bins in various sizes and colours. This is a very interesting system, although some people may prefer a closed storage cabinet, as it’s sometimes difficult to keep the shelves in order.

5- A garage converted into a gym

Gym garage_Garage layouts: 10 examples

photo: Garage Gym Reviews

Have you always dreamed of building a home gym, but don't have enough space available inside your house? Why not reserve a section of your garage to build one?

This option is all the more interesting if you don’t use your garage to park your car. Many people would be happy to work out at home, without having to travel by car or public transport to reach their training room!

6- A garage that also serves as an entrance

storage unit in garage_Garage layouts: 10 examples

photo: Home stratosphere

In this example, the homeowners have chosen to install storage furniture that is typically found in the home’s entrance room. Everything is well organized and divided: shoes, coats, accessories, and even sports equipment. This saves space inside the home while creating a welcoming and efficient place for family members to get ready to leave the house, or return at the end of a long day.

7- A panel to install bicycles and other sports equipment

bike panel_Garage layouts: 10 examples

photo: House and home

For fans of cycling and other sports such as skateboarding or tennis, here’s a very useful set up on a garage wall! Besides being practical, this structure is pretty and will help to improve the decor of the garage. Here, the owners have gone for a black panel, but nothing is stopping you from choosing another colour that is better suited to your preferences and/or to the layout of the room.

For example, if your garage is dark, you may prefer a bright blue or white panel. However, be aware that this panel is likely to be exposed to dirt when hanging and unhooking the bike or other items. Therefore, it may be better to opt for a darker shade.

8- A huge garage for vintage car enthusiasts

Garage vintage_Garage layouts: 10 examples

photo: Petrolicious

Some may feel that this garage set up is excessive,  since few people have access to so much space in their garage. However, this doesn’t keep you from being inspired by it! This garage almost looks like a movie set, filled with intriguing details. From the small dining-style corner to the vintage posters, this is the perfect atmosphere for a step back in time!

9- A garage spread over two floors

2 floor garage_Garage layouts: 10 examples

photo: The Unstitched

This detached garage is more than just a place to store your car! It’s also a space devoted to leisure of all kinds. Below, we see the owner has set up a repair shop as well as storing ATVs. On the second floor, there’s a game room for indoor activities (billiards, table tennis, poker). Therefore, this garage serves as an intimate meeting place, which is perfect when you want to have fun without disturbing the other occupants of your home.

10- The height of luxury: a garage worthy of large mansions

luxury garage_Garage layouts: 10 examples

photo: Luxury4play

We end the list with an example of a luxury garage. Of course, this type of garage is not accessible to everyone and not necessarily very practical. However, we still believe that it’s interesting to think outside the box when it comes to installations, decorations and the use of conventional materials. This type of decor looks more like a hallway, an office or a library found in a mansion.

Used as a garage, it almost gives the impression that the cars are parked in a museum. Of course, when you know car enthusiasts consider their cars to be works of art, this idea is not so far-fetched! If you admire the shapes, colours and construction of automobiles, why not find a way to showcase them and welcome them into a beautiful garage! Even if your budget isn’t as big as the one in this example, it’s not impossible to be inspired by it!

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