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10 Examples of Practical Interior Storage Spaces

Last modified: 2022-07-27 | Approximate reading time 4 mins

Christime Simard

Whether you live in a small apartment or a large family home, the organization of your space is the key to keeping your household neat and well kept together.

It’s safe to say that with stores like Ikea or with all the DIY blogs out there on the internet, there are thousands of easy and practical tricks for you to achieve that clean-looking minimalist home.

If you’re one to be interested in hidden cupboards, intelligent storage and any other surprising organization tools, you might want to read on as we show you some of the best examples we could find on the internet.

Reno inspiration: 10 examples of practical interior storage spaces

1. Drawer organizers with hidden charging stations 

There are many drawer organizers for different rooms and utilities, either as trays or as panels fitted for the size of your surface. These help in places where you need order and efficiency while you work.

For an extra step to help you be as efficient as possible, a charging station for your phones or tablets installed into your drawers will give you the ultimate practicality and functionality needed anytime.

storage-drawers_10 Examples of Practical Interior Storage Spaces

Source: Emily Henderson

2. Surprise storage in the staircase

Sleek, unique and very discreet, hiding some drawers or a compartment in your home stairs will add a unique way of putting away things like winter coats and boots, or any extra holiday equipment. 

staircase-storage_10 Examples of Practical Interior Storage Spaces

Storage: Hgtv and Leva&bo

3. A wall of pegboards for display and order

Pegboards are a good way to have everything on display and within reach in an office space, but what about your kitchen or the tool shed? 

This design can be seen in cafes, hanging accessories or coffee goods sold by the shop, and you could do the same in your kitchen with your cups and aprons like in the picture used as an example here! 

Pegboards-storage_10 Examples of Practical Interior Storage Spaces

Source: Casavogue

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4. Multi-stocking kitchen pantries

The more efficient a kitchen is, the more ingredients you can stock and the more food you can cook! By opting for pantries with intelligent layouts including racks and drawers, or hooks where you can hang cleaning tools, you will be sure to maintain order no matter what.

storage-kitchen-pantries_10 Examples of Practical Interior Storage Spaces

Source: Tom Howley and Organized Home

5. A hidden minimalist laundry room 

Here is an easy storage trick for your laundry days. Even if appliances come in much nicer designs today, having a clean-cut looking room and the option of covering your washer and dryer once you’re done will give a nice look to the room. You can even hide some laundry baskets behind retractable closet doors!  

hidden-laundry-room_10 Examples of Practical Interior Storage Spaces

Source: BetterHomesandGarden and Vtwonen

6. Overhead compartments for your bedroom

Between open shelving and closed cabinets customized for your room, nothing is impossible when it comes to extra storage space. This easy and clever trick is versatile and easy to move around the house when you need some change.

overhead-compartments_10 Examples of Practical Interior Storage Spaces

Source: Design Sponge and Apartment Therapy

7. Platform beds and under-the-bed storage

Again with an easy and quick fix: platforms are the new craze in the world of bedroom furniture, and the convenient aspect here is that they’re also an easy DIY. 

There are many different styles available on the market depending on the type of storage you’re looking for, like ones with drawers, lifting top or integrated boxes in the frame. For bed frames that are elevated, you can also buy plastic bins to slide under your bed!

platform-bed-storage_10 Examples of Practical Interior Storage Spaces

Source: LivforinteriorsUK and Sfgirlbybay

8. Built-in storage for walls and furniture

Built-ins can add a lot of charm and luxury to a room, even when created on a budget. We often see these types of designs as bookshelves in a living room. But, while searching on Pinterest, I came across this clever furniture design, with extra storage on the side.

built-in-storage_10 Examples of Practical Interior Storage Spaces

Source: LiliInwonderland and AvenueLifestyle

9. Some extra shelvings behind doors

Probably the oldest trick in the book and by far the easiest: hanging wire storage baskets installed onto your doors is a quick fix to organizing rooms, especially the bathroom. You can add all your essential products in these instead of all over the sink.

hanging-wire-basket-storage_10 Examples of Practical Interior Storage Spaces

Source: Apartment Therapy

10. A full wall of shelves to display all your goods

Opposite to a built-in library, but giving a similar look to the room, floating shelves or cubes that serve as a bookshelf can also give a lot of value to any room. Perfect for people on a budget!

floating-bookshelf_10 Examples of Practical Interior Storage Spaces

Source: Polken Studio on Instagram and Hgtv

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