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Welcoming and Clever Home Entrances: 10 examples

Welcoming and Clever Home Entrances: 10 examples

Design and home decorWelcoming and Clever Home Entrances: 10 examples

The entrance of a home is a space often neglected when considering the overall layout. We don’t spend so much time in this space, as we commonly pass through it quickly when coming or going. Of course, we underestimate the extent to which the layout of our entrance can have a considerable impact on our quality of life.

First, it’s important to integrate a good storage system into this space. The Canadian climate requires a change of clothes according to the seasons and in winter, your home entrance should be able to accommodate boots, big coats and other accessories with easy access.

Then, we can consider the decor. The entrance is the space that welcomes us when we arrive at the end of the day and it’s also the last room we see when we leave. Why not make it a beautiful space?

By reading the rest of our article, you’ll discover 10 examples of entryways with interesting decor and accessories.

10 examples of beautiful and well-organized home entrances!

1- An entrance bounded by a sliding barn door

home entrance

Source: Canva

Some entrances are separated from the rest of the house with a door, while others are left fully open. These two options each have advantages and disadvantages, so here’s an interesting alternative: the barn door. This type of door allows the partition to be opened or closed according to your preferences and needs.

For example, during winter, it may be best to keep the barn door closed to reduce the circulation of cold air indoors. In summer, when you want to make the most of daylight, you can simply slide the door open so that the light from the window enters the interior.

We also find this entryway to be particularly interesting when it comes to storage, with a shelf that doubles as a bench where folks can sit when they need to put on boots or shoes. Individual lockers make it easy for each member of the family to find their accessories.

2- A country-style entrance with modern touches

home entrance

Source: Canva

This entrance is simply decorated and furnished. There is some overhead storage, which allows for a seasonal rotation of shoes and accessories.

The tile floor is easy to take care of, which is a great feature for an entryway, as dirt and things that stick to our shoes are dragged with us when we are outside. This is all the more important in Canada, with the heavy snowfalls that we get during our long winters!

3- A nice storage unit for a simple and charming entrance

home entrance

Source: Canva

The decor style of this lobby could fit very well in a beach house. Minimalist, bright and full of light, this arrangement has a soothing effect simply by looking at it.

Of course, this entrance doesn’t contain much storage. Thus, for the daily needs of a family, it isn't a very efficient layout. However, for a couple or a single person, this small piece of furniture and its storage bins should suffice.

4- A foyer with a cleaning station for pets

home entrance

Source: Canva

Here’s a setup that dog ​​owners may like to have in their homes. Indeed, this entryway includes a shower for pets!

Those who have dogs know how good they are at attracting dirt. To prevent all the mud, grass, small rocks, dust and other items that stick to their fur from spreading around the house, a cleaning station can be installed in the entrance.

Also, we like this entryway because of the large amount of storage space. Finally, the combination of black, white and wood is timeless, which means that the decor won’t go out of style anytime soon.

5- An entrance with very trendy decor

home entrance

This entryway layout is similar to the one we presented in number 3. There is relatively little storage space, but what is there is very effective.

The room caught our attention because of the arch that divides the entrance hall from the rest of the house. Finally, we noticed the patterned tile floor that adds a touch of life to the decor which is otherwise minimalist and neutral. This creates a relaxing space, perfect for a smooth start to the day.

6- A hallway-shaped entrance that maximizes the available storage

home entrance

Source: Canva

Many home entrances lack a place to rest when putting on boots, jackets and snow pants. If there’s enough space available, it would be interesting to incorporate a comfortable bench among your additional storage and furniture.

In this entrance hall, the bench is well integrated between two wardrobes. Also, there’s very little wasted space, as we see high shelves as well as drawers below the bench. We’d say this space is very comfortable and welcoming.

7- A bold pattern for an easy-to-maintain entrance floor

home entrance

Source: Canva

This entryway’s storage unit is more of a minimalist take than the one shown in our previous example, but it would still suit the needs of certain homes. If the entrance comes equipped with a wardrobe, the hooks can be used to hang coats that are often worn, while other clothes can be stored out of sight.

The decor of this entrance is unique and colourful, incorporating soft tones. The tile floor pattern adds a certain dynamism that offers a nice visual harmony.

8- An entryway that serves as a laundry room

home entrance

Source: Canva

Why not create a multi-functioning entryway? The closet is used to store clothes, the bench is there to taking a moment when getting ready, and the rest of the space serves as a laundry room.

Here, we have a white and bright entrance/laundry room that is not overtly neutral. There are small touches of rustic decor, a white wall covering and a wooden floor, as well as the rare decorative elements in rattan or glass that show some signs of ageing.

We particularly like the idea of having all these windows, which allow one to admire the landscape. This would make washing clothes much more pleasant!

9- An entrance designed for a large family

home entrance

Source: Canva

Storage, storage, storage: this main objective cannot be repeated enough. Here’s an example of a house entrance that is perfectly suited for a large family, with all the clothes, accessories, toys and sports equipment that a home with adults and children can accumulate.

Instead of the classic hues of cabinet doors, the owners opted for a soft and refined blue shade. Honey-coloured accents add warmth to the decor, which creates a nice balance alongside the shades of the decor, namely pale gray, white and of course, blue.

10- A colourful entryway to evoke a bit of good humour

home entrance

Source: Canva

Lastly, here’s a colourful and unique entryway. Not everyone would be willing to have a firefighter red front door, but we also know a lot of folks (including us) would take on this bold accent.

Red is a lively shade, it offers energy and fits in well with many decor styles. Here, the owners opted for simple decor, but with several cheerful little touches including the carpet with a visible pattern and the small cabinet behind the door.

Once again, we like the idea of having separate boxes for different members of the family, which helps to simplify the organization of the room, plus the baskets which create a beautiful visual harmony, in addition to being very practical.

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Last modified 2023-11-07

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Table of contents

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