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10 Examples of Landscaping Projects

10 Examples of Landscaping Projects

Exterior renovations10 Examples of Landscaping Projects

By working on your home's landscaping, you are essentially embellishing your surrounding environment. Although we tend to spend most of our time inside the home, areas located outdoors are just as important, especially when we like to enjoy good weather. 

Spending time on Pinterest to discover dream gardens can help us find inspiration. This practical tool works well alongside magazines and books about landscaping. Since has many exterior renovation and landscaping specialists in our network, we wanted to present interesting examples of projects carried out by some of these companies: 

Here are 10 examples of landscaping and exterior renovation projects

1.  A lush yard with a natural stone staircase

This simple layout focuses on natural elements such as stone, all while being surrounded by generous greenery.

Contractor: Entrepreneur Paysagiste Stone Edge

2. Zen garden in an urban backyard

Even though this backyard is quite small, no amount of space is lost with this layout which is inspired by Japanese zen gardens! 

Contractor: Construction Bruno Plourde

3. Stone backyard with a small garden, surrounded by a wooden fence

Another example of an urban backyard, with a small garden and a paved surface that is ready to welcome a table and chairs. With the abundance of plants and the warmly-tinted wood, we almost feel like we've travelled to another country!

Contractor: Concept Paysager Signé Michel Lavoie

4. Paved stones steps for a slightly inclined entryway

Here is a driveway that is impeccable and elegant! What a great solution for a home that is set atop a small slope.

marches avant entrée de maison

Contractor: Verdeko paysagement

5. Outdoor shower next to a pool

Is this outdoor shower pure luxury? Not at all! This simple yet elegant setup is a nice addition to the deck surrounding the pool. 

Douche extérieure à côté d'une piscine

Contractor: Plomberie Boisvert

6.  Zen fire pit creates a welcoming backyard

Here is another zen layout in a bigger backyard. The warm lighting has us picturing quiet and pleasant evenings in a tranquil setting around the fire pit. 

foyer extérieur pierre

Contractor: Pavé-uni Montérégie

7. Small paved stone alley surrounded by shrubs and greenery

This small alley finds its place harmoniously amongst the abundance of flowers and plants in this backyard.

Allée de pierres

Contractor: San Son Vert

8. Lively flowerbeds around a charming light-brick house

The warmly-tinted walls on this pretty house work perfectly with the flowery environment that surrounds it.

Platebandes fleuries

Contractor: San Son Vert

9. Wooden fence with a unique design

This unique fence fits in well with a rustic decor. 

Cloture en billots de bois

Contractor: Terrassement Moderna

10. Paved stone patio that extends towards the garden

What a great idea to lay out a paved stone patio that comes close to the garden. We can already picture lovely evenings around an outdoor meal! 

Patio en pavé-uni

Contractor: Verdeko paysagement

11. Bonus

The main photo, which presents a lovely flowery yard. 

Contractor: San Son Vert

Articles about landscaping and exterior renovations

Our home renovation blog contains several articles about landscaping and exterior renovations. Here are three that should not be missed: 

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Last modified 2024-01-25

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