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Optimize Your Storage System with a Garage Cabinet

Optimize Your Storage System with a Garage Cabinet

Interior renovationsOptimize Your Storage System with a Garage Cabinet

Have you finally decided to organize your garage and store away the tools that have just been piling up everywhere? Are you looking for the best storage system? If so, go for a garage storage cabinet! It’s a functional, utility cabinet that allows you to organize and secure your tools and other items. Learn more about the various types of garage storage cabinets, their features, and their advantages down below!

The Different Features of Garage Storage Cabinets

garage cabinet

Source: Canva

A garage storage cabinet can be used to store various tools and equipment such as:

  • Cleaning products;

  • Gardening tools;

  • Old paint cans;

  • Sharp objects;

  • Hazardous products.

Therefore, such a storage cabinet will allow you to store cumbersome materials to gain more space and conceptualize your workspace. That way, you’ll know exactly where your stuff is, which will save you time and render your chore process more efficient. 

There are several types of garage storage cabinets on the market:

Metal cabinets

A metal storage cabinet is better suited to humid and dusty environments than wood cabinets and is a great option for a garage storage system. It’s also lighter and easier to put together. Furthermore, it’s fitted with a lock and key, which comes in handy to secure hazardous materials.

Plastic cabinets

Plastic garage storage cabinets are very sought-after for their lightweight feature, which means they can be easily moved from one corner of the garage to another. They’re also low-maintenance. Some models are modular, while others have hooks to easily hang a mop, bucket, or garden hose. 

Rolling cabinets

Storage cabinets on wheels are available in a wide range of sizes and styles. They’re a practical and versatile garage storage solution. It’s the perfect model for you if you plan on moving it often or regularly rethinking the layout of your garage. 

Wood cabinets

Wood utility cabinets are liked for their clean and simple design, they last a long time and are low maintenance. It’s the perfect storage option to store heavy equipment.

The Benefits of a Garage Storage Cabinet

garage cabinet

Source: Canva

Garage utility cabinets are multi-faceted storage systems: 

Space gain

Garage cabinets are useful to efficiently store and organize tools, household products, cleaning products, and other items that can clutter a space. It offers a significant space gain in an area with limited storage options. You can even pair numerous cabinet models together to better meet your needs. Garage utility cabinets can also be used to store clothes and other household items. 


These furniture pieces designed for garage use are able to withstand heavy loads. They’re more resistant and robust than traditional home storage solutions. Some shelving units can withstand up to 50 kg. What’s more, garage utility cabinets are made with durable, low-maintenance materials. They’re designed to facilitate cleaning and maintenance. 

Modular design

Some garage storage cabinets are equipped with adjustable shelving. This design allows you to reposition the shelves at various heights based on the objects you want to store and change their positioning at will. 

Safe space 

Garage storage cabinets are ideal for storing fragile or hazardous items. They’re typically designed with two hinged doors and a lock and key system. Therefore, you’ll be able to keep out of reach from kids any sharp or dangerous objects. 

Tall, Low, and Wall-Mounted Cabinets

garage cabinet

Source: Canva

There are numerous types of garage storage cabinets; all models differ from one another. Whether it’s a tall, low, or wall-mounted cabinet, you should choose the format that best suits your space and meets your storage needs. 

Tall garage cabinets have a big storage capacity and take up very little floor space. 

As for low garage cabinets, these aren’t especially cumbersome and their flat surface can be used as a workspace to carry out minor handiwork or store small items. You can also mount a pegboard above it to have your tools ready and available at arm’s length. 

And, as for wall-mounted garage utility cabinets, these are ideal if you have very little floor space. They’re affixed to a wall, which protects your belongings from damage and certain parasites. 

Pro tip: To select the storage system that’s best suited to your garage, you should first determine which items you want to store to figure out the best height and storage capacity needed. You should also consider some factors such as the cabinet’s sturdiness, whether it has different compartments and the width of the shelving. 

A Few Examples of Garage Storage Cabinets

garage cabinet

Source: Canva

Garage utility cabinets are retailed in big hardware stores and online, via manufacturer websites. The most common colours are grey, beige, and black. You’ll also find colours like apple green, lemon yellow, and vermilion red. 

  • Red, 28” Craftsman storage wall cabinet: $200

  • Steel grey Proslat Elite base cabinet: $400

  • Steel grey Proslat Elite tall cabinet: $480

  • Black Prepac Hungups wood composite cabinet: $1,706

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Last modified 2023-11-07

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