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Renovation Inspiration: 7 Toilet Types

Last modified: 2022-10-11 | Approximate reading time 3 mins

Cynthia Pigeon

Are you looking to switch out your old toilet for an upgraded and more efficient model? If you are not overly excited about this upcoming purchase, note that it is nonetheless a major one!

Here are a few different types of toilets to help you make a choice you will not soon regret!

7 Toilet Types for Your Bathroom

1) Wall-mounted toilet

wall-hung toilet_renovation inspiration: 7 toilet types

Source: Pinterest (

Looking to limit the amount of water your toilet requires? Tankless models help reduce the amount of water used per flush. This is especially true when you consider that a single flush uses between 13 and 18 litres of water.

To make a more eco-friendly choice, a dual-flush toilet (which reduces water use by 25%) or a low-flush toilet, which uses as little as 4.8 to 6 litres of water, are options you may want to consider.

By concealing the toilet tank in the wall, this model offers a sleeker look while minimizing the amount of space used by the unit (approximately 10 inches). Another factor to consider is that this type of toilet is much easier to maintain and is exceptionally quiet.

2) Wall-mounted, round toilet

wall-mounted toilet_renovation inspiration: 7 toilet types

Source: Pinterest (

This model is similar to the one previously mentioned, meaning that the tank is concealed. However, its design is rather different due to its round shape, making it a rather audacious pick!

The pale wooden lid also makes it a perfect addition to any Scandinavian-like bathroom decor.

3) A modern, conventional toilet

toilet_renovation inspiration: 7 toilet types

Source: Pinterest (

Since the two-piece toilet is the most popular model currently available on the market, many variations of said model exist. Amongst these, there are more modern models, with rounder and less defined shapes.

Note that the two-piece model is less expensive than the one-piece, but its water consumption is much more significant. Maintenance-wise, it also requires a little more effort due to the gaps and crevices.

4) A classic model

toilet_Renovation Inspiration: 7 Toilet Types

Source: Pinterest (

This toilet is classic in every way. Standard yet well-defined in shape, perfect for a traditional bathroom. The choice of white, although conventional, allows the toilet to blend in beautifully with the rest of the decor. 

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5) Composting toilet

composting toilet_Renovation Inspiration: 7 Toilet Types

Source: Pinterest (

When it comes to eco-friendly options, the composting toilet has to be the most interesting choice. In fact, this model uses the least amount of water (little or none at all).

Although it may seem otherwise, this type of toilet is quite easy to maintain and is highly efficient. On the other hand, this model is very expensive and necessitates the installation of a ventilation device to eliminate any odours in the bathroom.

6) A refined design for a sleek-looking bathroom

toilet_Renovation Inspiration: 7 Toilet Types

Source: Pinterest (

Although people rarely associate toilets with finesse, there certainly are some more elegant models on the market. This model has a very detailed bordered structure, and the same attention to detail can be seen around the tank, which features a unique design.

7) One-piece toilet

toilet_Renovation Inspiration: 7 Toilet Types

Source: Pinterest (

Other than its modern design, this toilet also differs from more conventional models due to the lack of crevices on its surface. Since it is a one-piece toilet, it is definitely easier to clean.

Among the many advantages, this type of toilet is easier to install than a two-piece and is generally less likely to leak.

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