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Renovation and Commercial Design: 5 Magazine-Worthy Calgary Businesses

Renovation and Commercial Design: 5 Magazine-Worthy Calgary Businesses

Commercial renovationRenovation and Commercial Design: 5 Magazine-Worthy Calgary Businesses

We often discuss decor and design on the blog, but we usually focus on the home front. This allows our readers to find inspiration to help create the perfect layout for their interiors and exteriors. But what about those looking for ideas for their business?

When it comes to businesses, truth be told the appearance of your retail space plays a very important role in attracting customers. Whether it's a restaurant, a café or a store, having a look that stands out will get you a lot of attention on social media as well as on decor blogs.

In medium-sized cities like Calgary, you’ll find a nice selection of boutiques and cafes, each more original than the next. This is why we’ve put together this list of 10 shops that could be featured in magazines!

Renovations and commercial design: 5 Calgary stores worthy of magazines

1- Distilled Beauty Bar

If you’re familiar with the city of Calgary, then you may already know about this high-end salon and espresso bar. Located in the Marda Loop district, Distilled Beauty Bar was created as a place for people to gather and pamper themselves. The interior of Distilled is elegant, cozy and inviting, and was designed by Canadian interior designer Nam Dang-Mitchell. It features exposed ceilings and brick, gorgeous polished concrete flooring and mid-century light fixtures. We’d love to spend an afternoon here, relaxing with a cup of coffee or two!

distilled calgary

2- Plant

Plant is on a mission to connect the folks of Calgary with the natural world. The shop offers a carefully curated selection of indoor and outdoor plants, terrariums and vessels as well as workshops. The space itself is in a 300 square foot converted garage, offering a truly unique spot with plenty of natural light, for the array of plants. Beautiful open-concept shelving showcase the wares, as well as black painted brick walls to offer a dramatic backdrop. Did we mention that Plant also has two shop dogs?

plant calgary

3- Monogram cafe

Starting as a pop-up cafe and making its way into two locations including one in the downtown core of Calgary, Monogram knows a thing or two about coffee. The cafe is an energetic, lively place with an interior to match. The space has a beautiful simplicity with painted white brick walls and softwood accents including rustic benches and tables as well as a stunning floor. This bright space acts as a community hub.

monogram calgary

4- Untitled Champagne Lounge

Untitled Champagne Lounge could only be described as extravagant. The interior of this space is gaudy and dark, with dark walls, floors, and a long leather booth that stretches the length of the wall. An exposed brick wall keeps things down-to-earth, while gold accents and over-the-top light fixtures transport you to another century. 

untitled calgary

5- The Next Page

The Next Page is an adorable bookshop selling both new and used books in Calgary’s Inglewood area. The space offers workshops and readings, boasting a beautiful interior for the community to gather in. With floor-to-ceiling books, hardwood floors, and the classic sliding ladder that all library lovers dream of, The Next Page is fun, warm and welcoming with a magical vibe indeed. They also have a “pay-what-you-can” cafe, which we love the idea of!

the next page calgary

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Last modified 2023-11-07

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