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10 examples of rustic decors

10 examples of rustic decors

Interior renovations10 examples of rustic decors

When you think of rustic decor, you often imagine a log cabin or your family chalet, but you rarely think of your living room! You can also often imagine that a decor like this might look dated and old-fashioned, but when well imagined and executed, it can instead bring a lot of charm and character to your home.

In a particular room or throughout the house, here are some inspirations that can help you with the idea of ​​incorporating some rustic elements into your decor!

Reno inspiration: 10 examples of rustic decors

1. Some subtle, but elegant touches in the kitchen

If, as in the photo, you already have a brick wall, you're in luck! Brick is a versatile material that blends in with many different decors, ranging from industrial to minimalism.
Rustic-looking wooden accessories and furniture will enhance the already authentic brick effect for a warm cottage effect. This trick remains the same without a brick wall, of course!

cuisine rustique soumission rénovation

Source: kellyelko

2. An entryway that makes a good impression

We repeat it often in our articles: the entryway is an often forgotten part of the house that will bring a whole new lease of life to your decor. The first thing your guests will see is a little love and charm!

Here, repurposed church benches add a rustic touch to the room and double as a hallway bench where you can sit and take off your shoes. An advantage of this option is that it will give you extra storage under the bench! 

entrée rustique soumission rénovation

Source: @whitetailfarmhouse & myvintageporch

3. Antiques and wood accents in the bedroom

A bedroom reminiscent of chalet comfort is the best of both worlds. Without going too far, it's easy to incorporate rustic and antique elements while still keeping a modern, minimalist feel.

A wooden headboard, exposed beams on the ceiling, a completely wooden accent wall, antique bedside tables; there are many options!

chambre à coucher rustique soumission rénovation

Source: @our_forever_farmhouse, curatedinterior & delikatissen

4. Rustic decor all the way to the outside

Don't just limit yourself to your interior decor! Your patio or veranda also deserves a little love and that's why a few decorative touches won't hurt them.

It could simply be a bench hanging from a swing or, as in the picture here, a log serving as a small decorative table. It's the little details that have the most impact!

patio rustique soumission rénovation

Source: @stacey.athome & @farmhouse_homes

5. A modern and rustic mix for the bathroom

A bit like a mini spa at home, a mix of minimalist tiles with wood furniture can give you a rustic “farmhouse” effect in the bathroom. 

Here we can see several examples: a matte black faucet that coordinates with a chandelier in the same finish, a handcrafted solid wood vanity and for the perfect finishing touch, a clawfoot tub.

salle de bain rustique soumission rénovation

Source: Bodyartstyle, simplyRfurniture & CountryLiving

6. Sliding barn doors

Nothing is more rustic than sliding barn wood doors. Perfect for dividing large spaces or creating a more spacious opening in small rooms, this option is an aesthetic renovation that will add character to your home.

porte de grange soumission rénovation

Source: SanctuaryHomedecor

7. A guest room that stands out

Even more at the chalet, a guest room is essential if you are the type to welcome and entertain your friends with good dinners on a regular basis. Here we see an original design of ​​barn wood bunk beds (which go with the sliding door seen above), the perfect rustic touch to stand out from ordinary guest rooms.

lits superposés soumission rénovation

Source: SanctuaryHomedecor

8. A dining room that pairs well with your kitchen

If you have the space to set up a dining room outside of the kitchen, or if you have space in it to set up a small breakfast nook, it will be to your advantage to arrange these with the kitchen decor.

The two rooms are often close to each other, and a rustic atmosphere that continues to the dining room will complete the whole look and make the transition more delicate.

salle à mangé rustique soumission rénovation

Source: @itty_bitty_farmhouse & blog.decorsteals

9. Untreated wood flooring for the full experience

If you have a century-old home, chances are that the original floor is hiding under the new one. For an authentic and rustic style, returning the floor to its origins will give the cachet so sought after with this type of decor.

Otherwise, it is also possible to install a new floor that can recreate the old-timey floors of yesteryear.

plancher rustique original soumission renovation

Source: homestolove AU

10. Committing to the complete rustic interior decor 

With the multiple examples found in this article, it's easy to see that rustic decor doesn't automatically mean old and dated. If each of the images here charmed you, why not go ahead and completely transform your decor?

décor rustique complet soumission rénovation

Source: Cocodecor, Homestolove AU, thecottagejournal

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Last modified 2023-11-07

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