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Reno Inspiration: 10 Living Room Window Ideas

livingroom windows
livingroom windows

Reno Inspiration: 10 Living Room Window Ideas

Interior renovationsReno Inspiration: 10 Living Room Window Ideas

Are your living room windows looking a little drab for your liking? Lucky for you, the various models available on the market are as ample as they are diverse! Should you be struggling to find the perfect model for your living room, check out the following models that are sure to help you make up your mind, regret-free. 

10 Living Room Window Models

1) Long and sublime windows

Long black windows in living room

Source: Canva

These long and modern windows are perfectly suited for rooms with very high ceilings, as shown above. The absence of curtains or blinds allows for maximum natural light flow, giving the room the appearance of being larger. Also, the bay windows can turn rather easily into a practical space where one can add plants or decorative knick-knacks. 

Looking for a few ideas to create a new layout for your living room? Check out our article Renovation Inspiration: 10 Examples of Living Room Layouts and Decor

2) Large arched window

Large and arched windows in a white living room

Source: Canva

Although rectangular-shaped windows are still widely sought-after, there is a new trend underway, which is slightly pulling consumers toward arched windows. Now that is quite the design! The middle window acts as a window/door, allowing for direct access to the courtyard. Opting for large windows ensures the topmost natural lighting inside and avoids creating a harsh visual break between the exterior and the interior. 

3) Classic with a rustic twist 

Rustic windows

Source: Canva

Our attention is often drawn to classic, timeless styles, but it does go without saying that standard models have an undeniable charm. As shown above, this style can complement any interior design and decor. 

4) Window muntin

muntin windows in wood

Source: Canva

These larger-than-life windows are the definition of grandstanding! Although the original idea behind window muntins was that it used to be impossible to make large, one-piece windows that were also sturdy; this style has withstood the test of time! Furthermore, when in the presence of floor-to-ceiling windows, the overall effect is just that more impressive. 

5) Bay window

bay windows with pillows

Source: canva

Aside from opening up the outside world, the bay window allows for the creation of relaxing space in its midst. Also, given the type of window, it offers the possibility of gaining a little bit of surface space. This model greatly benefits smaller living rooms that require all the space it can get. 

Planning on installing a bay window in your living room? Our article How to Install a Bay Window might be of interest!

6) More muntins!

Mutins black windows

Source: canva

Even though we have already shown an example of a window with numerous muntins, here is another one in which the division was done toward the upper section of the window instead of the middle part. With everything considered, it does create a different effect, yet just as beneficial when it comes to natural lighting. The black and white shades throughout the room, from the furniture to the window frames, make for a continuous look between the various elements within the space. 

7) Gridless windows

gridless windows

Source: Canva

Gridless windows offer a completely different exterior view: one that is unobstructed. And that alone is reason enough for their popularity! As shown, these windows are perfectly suited to the overall modern and clean decor. The wall section that divides the windows, along with the wood beams that overlay that exact part of the room adds vigour to this unique design. 

8) Charming trio of windows 

trio of windows

Source: Canva

Needless to say, installing three windows in this manner is not always possible. However, for properties with an architecture allowing this type of design, it is a winner every time. With an overall look reminiscent of the bay window due to its shape, this window trio is perfectly suited for this living room with dark stained hardwood floors. Moreover, the white curtains complete the room in the most charming manner!

9) Delightful style jumble 

window in white living room

Source: canva

This is the perfect example of a living room with various different types of windows. In fact, one can spy two different types of skylights, pretty triangular windows that are rather small, and larger windows on the living room walls. This ensemble is a great idea should one want to maximize natural light flow in a given room. As a direct result of the triangular windows and the skylights, every surface benefits from sunlight. This particular style of window is refined as they are devoid of dividers and large mouldings.  

10) Classic windows for a modern living room 

window with three dividers

Source: Canva

Bet on this type of window with a rather simple yet classic style, with black frames oozing with low-key and modern vibes. We love the contrast created between black and white, which gives off an amazing final look! 

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Last modified 2024-05-22

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