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10 Guest Bedroom Design Ideas

10 Guest Bedroom Design Ideas

Design and home decor10 Guest Bedroom Design Ideas

Do you often have guests over and would like to offer them a room of their own during their stay? Well, if you’re lucky enough to have a spare bedroom, here are a few ideas to help you create a guest bedroom that your guests will really enjoy. 

10 Guest Bedroom Design Ideas

1) A mix of navy blue & white

navy blue bedroom

Source: Pinterest (

Albeit its simplistic appearance, this room has a few unique elements: the colourful arrows on the accent wall, the irregularly-shaped, black-and-white rug, and the pillowcases with pretty birds. The latter prevents the design from being too neutral and dull by offsetting it with a perfect mix of simplicity and originality. We also really like the navy blue and white contrast, which divides the room in an interesting fashion, visually speaking. 

2) Calm & soothing guest bedroom

light blue bedroom

Source: Pinterest (

Here, without a doubt, one relies on pastel colours to incite peace and quiet. The chosen materials for the bedside table and lamp also add to the décor’s texture. The room, suited to the bedframe and a classic style, has both a zen and romantic aura. The carpet’s pattern also shares a similar style and really brings the room's beautiful design together.

3) A modern and rustic bedroom

beige bedroom

Source: Pinterest (

Although the bedframe is very similar to the one shown above, the décor in which it’s found is rather different! The contrast between the bottom and top half of the wall, the dark colour against the wall panelling, really draws the eye. Black and white colours are also very present as a reminder that this elegant duo hasn’t lost its elegance.

4) Subtle textures for a simple design

boho bedroom

Source: Pinterest (

Generally, people assume that blending patterns will create a disjointed and overwhelming visual effect. However, that's not always the case! When patterns are similar in colour or hue, they can be easily paired. Choosing white bedding and curtains is a wise choice, as it balances out the detailed patterns and the overall look.

5) A touch of simplistic flair

dark green bedroom

Source: Pinterest (

How can you not appreciate this wall covering that’s so rarely seen? It adds a lot of texture to the room and reminds us that a wall can indeed be a decorative aspect on its own. The dark green gives the room depth and a unique dimension. Also spotting the gray and white that are widely featured within the décor adds a certain softness, inspiring calmness.

6) A vibrant bright yellow and pink design

yellow guest bedroom

Source: Pinterest (

If white plays an important role in decorating a guest bedroom, it’s a whole other story here! There are splashes here and there, however, yellow and pink are the two featured colours. These colours are vibrant and really give the room, which is bright, a both spritely and happy vibe! 

7) A cozy room for an amazingly relaxing stay

dark coloured bedroom

Source: Pinterest (

The first things to jump out of this photo are comfort and relaxation; the throw pillows, the comforter, as well as the bench seem so soft! There’s no doubt that your guests will comfortably rest here. The light fixture, as does the picture frame featured on the back wall, adds life to the modern aesthetic showcased, and it’s absolutely fantastic. 

8) A mix of gray, white, and black

black-and-white bedroom

Source: Pinterest (

Although a lot of people enjoy bright and lively colours, others prefer a darker décor, one in which gray, white, and black prevail. This room isn't entirely lacking, with the throw pillows and rug adding a pop of originality to a rather plain décor. In fact, it appears really bright due to the white walls. 

9) A soothingly-decorated guest bedroom

pink bedroom

Source: Pinterest (

This majestic bed surely takes up a lot of space in this room! With lots of pillows and blankets, it's really tempting to sprawl out for a nap! Once again, the mix of pastel colours invites calm and relaxation. Note that the windows highlight the immaculate white that adorns the walls.

10) A healthy dose of colour!

colourful guest bedroom

Source: Pinterest (

Of all the other examples showcased, this room is definitely the most colourful! There it is, bright and shiny! The yellow, just as much as the blue, makes the décor vibrant, and the great variety of colours and patterns is quite surprising. Whether you like it or hate it, this décor is worth your attention and will incite you to leave any dull décor at the door!

Need a little inspiration for another bedroom? We have a couple of suggestions for you:

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Last modified 2023-11-07

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