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10 examples of living room decors and layouts

Last modified: 2022-07-27 | Approximate reading time 5 mins

In general, the living room is a space often associated with rest, entertainment and spending time with friends or family. It’s a room that serves as the focal point of the home, so generally, architects will place it in a strategic location.

Usually, the decor and layout of a living room focus on comfort and convenience. Of course, everyone has their definition of what this means, so you may end up with a wide variety of aesthetic styles.

If you’re planning to renovate your living room shortly and need some ideas to create a room that meets your needs, look no further. We have collected photos of 10 beautiful living rooms and we know you’ll find some inspiration here.

10 living room decor ideas: from painting to floors

1-  A large bright living room, with a soft decor

Salon moderne lumineux avec grandes fenêtres

Photo: Clark and Stone

In this living room, nature is the element that is most highlighted. First, there are large windows that allow light to enter the room, showcasing the objects and materials that are part of the layout.

Then, it’s the choice of materials that feels particularly interesting to us, including the wood which is used as a coating material for the ceiling, the window frames and the mezzanine, as well as the concrete wall. Also, the carpet must be very comfortable under the feet.

2- A living room with eclectic decor, reminiscent of an artists' loft

Salon loft d'artiste

photo: Domaine home

We continue with an example that could not be more different from the first! The photo doesn’t quite capture all the elements of the room, but we like what we see very much. The brick walls, the large windows and the very colourful furniture and accessories, with the beautiful plant standing proudly in the corner, this is a gorgeously balanced setup!

3- A central room that gradually turns into a jungle

Salon avec jungle de plantes

photo: Homes to love

All those who love plants, raise your hand! Here’s a living room that will appeal to those who enjoy greenery throughout the home. To succeed in creating such an arrangement, you must have lots of windows so that natural light can nourish your plants. Otherwise, it’s possible to install lamps specifically designed for plants.

The rest of the decor is simple, a bit bohemian and very charming. Some pieces are inspired by mid-century modern style, including the cabinet where the record player and armchair are installed.

4- A rustic style living room filled with white and beige tones

salon rustique blanc

photo: Kate Marker Interiors

This arrangement is particularly interesting, as we see elements of rustic style as well as a more modern touch through the white and beige colour palette. It's bright, warm and comforting.

The living room is filled with decorative accessories and varied textures, but it's not too busy, thanks to the soft colour scheme. Some furniture looks to be antique, which adds a timeless aspect to the room.

5- A family room with a black accent wall and amazing decorative accessories

Salon avec mur d'accent noir

photo: Kelly Mcgrath

Painting a wall black is daring, but when it's done right, the result can be very interesting. We’d say that this is the case with this accent wall, as it gives a very elegant look to the room. The colour palette is centred around three shades: black, white and ocher.

This guideline allows you to create a chic vibe that is not too stuffy. Some quirky touches add a bit of whimsy to the decor, like the head-shaped vase and ottoman which looks like it’s from a Middle Eastern bazaar.

6- A warm and relaxing living room for pleasant moments with the family

Salon chaleureux blanc

photo: Peer space

This arrangement has some points in common with the previous one, as the armchair and the decorative elements are similar. However, the energy that emanates from the room is quite different. This is because of both the wall and floor colour choice, which are much paler. We like the brick fireplace and its shelf where you can store accessories.

7- A modern and sophisticated living room with decor that won't go out of fashion anytime soon!

Salon moderne avec formes originales

photo: Studio Mcgee

The architectural lines in this room are rather atypical, with an angled ceiling and a back wall that is covered with decorative panels. The decor is contemporary in style while being calm and relaxing.

8- A living room with a little bohemian spirit and a decor inspired by the southwestern United States

Salon style décor désert

Photo: This mama

Have you ever dreamed of taking a road trip to the southern United States? Even if you don’t succeed in achieving this goal, you could still recreate the spirit of this region when decorating your living room.

Here, one has the impression of making a stop in New Mexico, taking the time to soak up the colours and the atmosphere of this beautiful American state.

The furniture and accessories forming part of this arrangement evoke a warm bohemian spirit, with a beautiful palette of rich hues unfolding around tones of ocher, green and beige.

9- A living room with a lively and colourful decor

Salon avec papier peint coloré

photo: Timothy Sumner

In recent years, wallpaper has made a comeback. This material has evolved a lot over time and as a result, people are less likely to use it on all the walls in the room.

Instead, we focus on an accent wall that sets the tone for the rest of the decor in the room. In this example, the yellow armchair nods to the colour of the leaves in the wallpaper pattern. This creates a beautiful harmony in a room where the decor is rather eclectic.

10- A living room with classic decor, but not trivial!Salon style classique

photo: Your space furniture

Are you in favour of classic-style decor, but with a few touches that add a contemporary feel to the room? Here’s a living room that deserves observation of the details of its layout.

Although at first glance, the style may seem a bit overwhelming due to the large mouldings and ornate decorative accessories, in the end, everything is perfectly balanced. The colour scheme is uniform, the placement of the furniture is well-chosen, and a large amount of natural light adds warmth to a room that could otherwise be a bit cold.

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