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Renovation tips

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How To Properly Secure Furniture and Childproof Your Home

Renovation tips

4 min read

How To Properly Secure Furniture and Childproof Your Home

Renovation tipsHow To Properly Secure Furniture and Childproof Your Home

Children are curious by nature, and although this curiosity can lead them to knowledge and exploration, it can also get them into some sticky situations. As little bundles of energy, children are naturally bound to bounce around their bedrooms and other rooms alike.

As they grow older and gain more freedom, it's easy for curiosity to turn into an investigation: you could find your 2-year-old propped up high on a dresser, or underneath one, without warning. 

As parents and family members, it is important that we take the proper steps to act accordingly, and this begins with making sure that our homes are properly secured for children's inquisitive little minds.

Childproofing equipment for your home

Furniture Wall Straps

The weight of a climbing toddler can easily shift a standing dresser from upright to horizontal. However, if our furniture is secured in place, we can avoid a large object from tumbling onto a child, dodging the potential of a serious injury. 

Falling furniture is easily preventable with nylon furniture straps, which can be secured to the back of larger household items and attached to the walls of your home using just a few screws and some elbow grease. The minutes it will take to install the straps can help save a small person's life.

Staircase Safety Gates

barrière d'enfant_Comment adapter votre maison pour un jeune enfant_Soumission Rénovation

source: Flickr; Your Best Digs

Once children are mobile, they'll want to start exploring the floors of your home. If their bed or playroom is located on the second floor, there is a good chance you'll find your child wandering towards the staircase. A tumble down the stairs can lead to a serious injury. A straightforward preventative measure is to properly install staircase safety gates or guards at the top of your stairs. 

Make sure that these safety gates cannot be easily dislodged or unlocked by tiny fingers. In this instance, gates that are secured by the walls of your home are much safer than "pressure gates" which could open and cause a painful plunge.

Window Guards and Safety Netting

As the weather warms up and buds start to appear on the trees, those little minds will want to look outside at the newly growing wonders of the world. Again, this curiosity could lead to children hoisting themselves up onto window sills to peek outside. This is obviously hazardous, as you wouldn't want your child to take a tumble as a result of something as simple as installing guards onto your windows.

Unfortunately, window screens cannot support the weight of a child, so make sure that windows can be open in the balmy months by using guards or safety netting. If using window guards, make sure that there is still a nearby fire exit available for use.

Toddler-Proofing Electrical Outlets and Wires

That nightlight or mobile might lull your child to sleep, but what about the dangers that go along with hanging wires and exposed outlets? A preventative measure a parent can take is to invest in safe plates and outlet covers.

For those exposed wires, a Wiremold can be purchased to neatly conceal cords and wires. Hiding wires can also help children to avoid pulling down lamps or other hanging fixtures. Further, make sure to unplug electrical appliances when they are not in use.

Secure Cabinets, Drawers and Closets with Child-Proof Locks and Doorknob Covers

loquets pour les portes d'armoires_Comment adapter votre maison pour un jeune enfant_Soumission Rénovation

Source: Flickr; Gilmoth Gil

The home is full of potential hazards, and when the little ones go hunting for something they haven't seen before, there is a good chance they'll try turning all of the knobs that they come across. 

If the idea of a roaming child makes you nervous, it's best to be safe and install doorknob covers on main doors, as well as locks or safety latches on kitchen cabinets, bathroom drawers and other places where one might search for something shiny or brightly coloured, but may instead find medicine or kitchen cleaners which are poisonous.

Childproof Sharp Edges

If your little one tends to jump around, there is a chance they might run into some of the sharper edges of your home. Installing corner and edge bumpers can help to limit this from happening. Even if your child falls, the bumpers can assist in softening the blow. Make sure that the bumpers are securely locked on furniture edges, and can't be removed by your children!

Cover photo: Flickr: Pour Toujours (Childs Bedroom 2)

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Last modified 2023-11-07

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