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Setting Up a Backyard Lounge Area

garden hammock
garden hammock

9 min read

Setting Up a Backyard Lounge Area

LandscapingSetting Up a Backyard Lounge Area

Following a few late snowstorms, spring (finally!) seems to be knocking at our doors. For a lot of us, the arrival of warmer weather almost always means setting up our deck, patio, balcony, or whatever outdoor space we may have. Whether you just recently moved into a new home or have been living in the same house for years, spring means enjoying the outdoors. Hence your outdoor space automatically turns into an extension of your home, making for a second living room or lounge area.

To optimize said space, a well-thought-out setup is a must; one that meets all your expectations. Luckily, you don’t need to spend loads of money to design a space that is customized to your style and intended for relaxation, for yourself to enjoy in your lonesome or in the company of your friends.

Here are a few ideas to help guide your project.

How to Set Up a Backyard Lounge Area

outdoor dining area with wooden chairs and waxed concrete wall

Spring Cleaning, Inside and Out

Lounge areas are typically synonymous with clean and tidy spaces. So start off by getting rid of everything that has no purpose. Cleaning your balcony or deck space is crucial for maintaining an inviting and enjoyable outdoor space. 

Kick off your spring cleaning by ridding your balcony of any useless items, and removing unused patio furniture and other stuff cramping the space. Then, deep clean said space by sweeping first and then mopping the floor to eliminate all the built-up scum and dirt. Use a damp rag and a mixture of water and dish soap to wipe all surfaces, including the patio furniture, railings, and window sills. 

It’s also the perfect occasion to clean your windows. Wash your windows to benefit from an unobstructed view of the outside world. A clean and well-maintained outdoor space is the first step to creating an enjoyable lounge area.

Balcony and Backyard Patio Furniture

Whether you’re more of a booth, Acapulco chair, or lounge chair type of person, to design an appealing and comfortable balcony, it’s best to opt for patio furniture that’s suited to the space’s size and incites relaxation. Prioritize comfortable seating specially made for a backyard, living room-like setting. Embellishing the space with cushions is also a good idea, and while you’re at it, why not throw a cozy blanket into the mix? (Be sure to store it inside.)

Choosing the right throw pillows for your balcony is essential for creating a comfortable and inviting setting. Pick weatherproof materials, such as polyester and acrylic. Both these materials can withstand sun exposure, humidity, and temperature variations. Look for cushions with removable and washable slips to facilitate upkeep.

In terms of style, choose colours and patterns that mirror your personality and blend in with the rest of your outdoor décor. Neutral and sobre shades suit all décors. The cushions can be laid out on the outdoor chairs, benches, or booths to add a dash of comfort and style to your balcony.

Outdoor Rug

Adding an outdoor rug to your balcony is a quick and easy way to bring everything together, mimicking an indoor space. Such an idea can also revamp the space’s aesthetic with its colours and patterns. Make sure the chosen model is weatherproof and specifically made for outdoor use.

Hanging Lounge Chairs

garden hammock


When it comes to an outdoor lounge area, what better than a hammock to truly feel like you’re on vacation, even if it’s just for a split second? Hammocks are retailed in a variety of sizes and styles, from rope hammocks to quilted ones, with fabric and two-person hammocks in between. Their weight limit is typically elevated, thus offering optimal comfort for couples and children, with additional available space. It’s perfect for napping while bathing in the sunlight or away from it.

Installing a Hammock on a Balcony 

Prior to installing a hammock on your balcony or deck, make sure the walls are sturdy enough. Ideally, they should be made of concrete, stone, or brick. Then, secure the hooks that will allow you to easily hang and take down your hammock accordingly. Make sure you’re using the right anchors to guarantee a solid hold. 

Setting Up a Hammock in Your Backyard

To improve your backyard’s vibe, transforming it into an outdoor lounge area by installing a hammock is more than appropriate.

Having a hammock hanging in your backyard translates into having the ideal spot to lounge meditatively. Being suspended midair, allowing yourself to rock back and forth slowly with the wind enables you to breathe in deeply, allowing yourself to become one with nature. 

To hang your hammock between two trees and avoid any accidents, follow these simple steps:

  1. Pick two robust-looking trees, ideally three or four metres apart. Make sure that they’re healthy and sturdy enough to bear the weight of the hammock and loungers.

  2. Use straps specially made to hang hammocks. Wrap one strap around the first tree about 1.8 metres off the ground. Make sure it’s adjusted properly and secured.

  3. Wrap the other end of the strap around the second tree, offsetting it a little bit compared to the first strap to have a slight bend in the hammock.

  4. Attach the hammock’s hook or carabiner to the strap’s loop. Make sure the hammock is centred between the two trees and that it’s hanging at a comfortable height, about mid-way between the ground and the height of the trees.

  5. Test the sturdiness of the installation by putting pressure on the hammock. Make sure everything is secured and stable prior to lounging comfortably. 

You could also take additional care by adding a piece of fabric between the strap and the tree to protect the bark. Follow these precautionary measures and you’ll be sure to enjoy some much-deserved peace and quiet in the comfort of your hammock, slowly rocking to a gentle summer breeze. 

A Sensory-Filled Lounge Experience

green terrace with dining table

Grow Aromatic Plants

May is around the corner, and it’s right around the time when public markets start selling their flower and vegetable seeds. It’s the perfect time to stroll through neighbouring markets. When thinking of unwinding and relaxing, lavender often comes to mind. So why not start a small garden filled with aromatic plants like lavender, rosemary, or delicately perfumed flowers? Make sure the pot used has drainage holes on its bottom to prevent water from accumulating, which could drown your plants. 

As for the potting soil, use a mixture of universal potting soil with coarse sand or perlite to ensure proper drainage. You can find everything you need in any hardware store’s garden department.

In terms of watering, proceed with caution. Water lavender plants after planting them to ensure proper growth. Avoid over-watering them as lavender plants strive in dryer, well-drained soils. Inquire in terms of the necessary amount of sunlight needed for your chosen plants to prosper. For example, pick a sunlit spot on your balcony where your lavender plant will be exposed to six to eight hours of direct sunlight every day. It’s a type of plant that can handle direct sunlight really well.

We mentioned lavender plants as examples because not only do they have calming properties, but they’re also low-maintenance plants. Water them in moderation during periods of drought or heat waves. Make sure to prune them every so lightly after they bloom to promote dense and compact growth.

Sound Therapy: Add a Small Fountain

Shut your eyes, breathe in deeply, and allow yourself to be transported by the sounds of gentle flowing water. On top of its aesthetic sound component, a fountain adds a sensory-like dimension to your outdoor setting, captivating one’s hearing and granting occupants a sense of calm. Add water’s serenity to your outdoor lounge area with a compact or tabletop fountain. 

A water fountain positioned on a balcony or backyard can transform the space into a genuine peace haven. The water’s soft murmur, flowing alongside you creates a soothing setting, alleviating stress and promoting relaxation. Furthermore, the motion of water attracts birds, further creating a fresh and humid microclimate, fostering an appealing setting right from your balcony. Overall, having a fountain on a balcony is a lot more than a simple decorative item; it becomes a source of well-being and serenity, one that enriches your outdoor experience right in the comfort of your home.

Garden fountains, no matter their purpose, style, or material require little maintenance. During warmer periods, it’s best to regularly check the tank's water level, especially during heat waves, and ensure the pump is functioning accordingly by cleaning the filter as necessary. Remove any debris, such as leaves, flowers, and dirt that are likely to clog the pump. If necessary, use specially designed products to manage algae, foam, and mineral deposits that may accumulate over time in your tank and on your fountain’s structure.

Manage the Lighting

Use White Drapes and Curtains to Block the Sun

The concept of adding curtains around your outdoor space is a great idea, especially in the middle of the city, making for a much more intimate outdoor setting. Generally speaking, outdoor curtains are made with a more robust fabric compared to interior drapery. 

Opt for curtains with tiebacks to allow sunlight to filter through your patio space as well as the late afternoon breeze. In terms of practicality, the tiebacks are used to keep the curtains open, securing them in place when the wind picks up. However, their pragmatic nature doesn’t end here. Aesthetically speaking, tiebacks add a dash of decorative charm, paired with a relaxing and romantic outdoor vibe.

A Pergola to Block the Sun

If you have a backyard or a patio, adding a pergola is an elegant and functional solution. It makes for a welcoming and comfortable outdoor setting, one that’s shielded from the scorching sun. Such a structure not only provides shade on especially sunny days but also ensures your outdoor setting has a dash of character and style. A pergola can be used to hang climbing plants, such as grapevines and others, which adds a tad bit of freshness to your outdoor living space.

Patio Lights for Evenings Outdoors

fireside corner with lighting

Once night falls, your outdoor setting can turn into the ultimate lounge area after a long workday. Lighting can be composed of string lights or candles (wax or electric) placed inside decorative objects. 

To set up a cozy and inviting setting, position, here and there, diverse-looking lanterns. Whether they be hanging by hooks or laid about on the ground, their versatile layout will allow you to easily move them based on your needs and preferences. Paper lanterns can also be a great way to create a Zen space on your balcony or in your backyard. 

An At-Home Retreat

Overall, setting up a lounge area in the great outdoors is a priceless way to reconnect with nature, recharge, and prioritize your mental and physical well-being. Whether it be to benefit from sunshine, meditate alongside birds singing, or simply unwind with your loved ones, designing an inviting and comfortable outdoor space can truly enrich your quality of life. Investing in such a space improves not only your day-to-day but contributes to fostering a well-balanced and sustainable lifestyle. 

For more ideas, check out our article 10 Beautiful and Relaxing Backyard Lounges.

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Last modified 2024-05-22

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