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Gutter Installation Cost Guide - Materials and Maintenance

Last modified: 2022-05-03 | Approximate reading time 6 mins

Léa Plourde-Archer

Whether looking to replace or to install new gutters (eavestroughs) on a house, the first thing people want to know is how much it’s going to cost. has you covered with this gutter installation cost guide:

Please note that throughout the article, we will be referring to both gutters and eavestroughs, which are synonyms referring to the same thing. 

The key role of gutters

rain gutters

source: pexels

The main purpose of gutters is to evacuate the water that comes from rain or melted snow, so it can’t accumulate around the foundation walls. By collecting the water and evacuating it properly, gutters help reduce the risk of water infiltrations and floods that could affect your house. They also protect the roof from excess humidity, filling a crucial role in terms of building protection. Furthermore, keeping rainwater away from the foundations will help to protect the landscaping from any damage. For this reason, you must make sure that your house is equipped with a good gutter system.

Installing gutters by yourself

It is possible to complete the gutter installation process by one’s self; however, the person completing the task will have to read up a lot on the subject, as the risk of error is significant.

For example, errors can easily be made when calculating the inclination level. Any mistake, even a minor one, could generate several problems that could go on to affect the whole house. Therefore, unless you’re a seasoned handyman, it’s always better to hire a professional contractor to install or repair a gutter system.

Gutter installation price guide

Prices include labour costs and accessories (anchorings, gutter downspout)

Vinyl gutters are very affordable (from $3,50 to $6 per linear foot) but their life expectancy is shorter than the life expectancy of aluminum, galvanized steel and copper gutters. You need to know that this type of gutter is the easiest one to install and that he offers a great quality/price ratio. However, when they are damaged, these gutters cannot be repaired. Therefore, they need to be replaced. 

Many people opt for aluminum gutters. Light and resistant to rust, they need to be installed by a professional because they are custom made. They are available in many colours and therefore, they can match many exterior sidings. Regarding their price, we can say that they cost between an average of $4,50 and $11 per linear foot. 

Both solid and long-lasting, galvanized steel gutters tend to develop rust over time, especially once they pass the 20-25 year threshold. Note that they are especially easy to install and that they require little maintenance. Their price range from $4,50 to $9,50 per linear foot.

Copper gutters are very popular because they look very elegant. This option is more upscale than the others, making it the most expensive option. Also of note is the fact that this material is well adapted for Canadian winters. The price ranges from $18 to $30 per linear foot, but we need to outline the fact that they can last a hundred years.

*Prices mentioned in this section are written on an indicative basis and are subject to change. Furthermore, certain factors could impact the final price that you will end up paying.

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Factors that cause price variations for eavestroughs

Each house is different, making it impossible to calculate the exact price of gutter installation without getting a contractor to quote you on it. Here are a few factors that can influence the final price:

  • The length of the gutter;
  • The height at which the gutter is being installed;
  • The architectural details that could create obstacles which will have to be circumvented;
  • The time of the year at which the job is being completed; - The geographic location of the house (the distance that the contractor will have to travel to get to your house);
  • Installing the gutter system yourself or getting it done by a professional;
  • The types of anchorages and accessories that will be used to install the gutters (for example: adding integrated gutter protectors, which could cost an extra 4,50$/linear foot)
  • The material that is chosen;
  • The selection of a colour that is out of the ordinary

Gutter maintenance

rain in gutter

source: pixabay

Once they have been installed, eavestroughs need to be cleaned and repaired from time to time. If your house is surrounded by trees, you’ll have to empty them two to three times per year. In other cases, the clean-up operation can be done on a biannual basis. When completing this task, also take this opportunity to make a quick inspection.

For the gutter cleaning, note that the price for this task and the way it's determined greatly differ from a company to another. On that matter, we need to establish the fact that some companies choose to charge a fixed price, while others choose to charge per linear foot. Moreover, it's worth knowing that if some will refuse to come for an amount inferior to $300, others will do it for a minimum of $200 and sometimes less. That's why you must get three quotes if you wish to have the best price possible. 

If you notice any leaks, try to find the source of the problem and make the proper repairs to solve this problem (if the material permits you to do so).

*Please note that prices indicated in this article represented an average coast, obtained from reliable sources. However, they are subject to change. 

Summary table of the prices for gutter installation and maintenance

Type of gutter project Average price

Vinyl gutter installation (incl. materials and labour):

$3,50 to $6 per linear foot

Aluminum gutter installation (incl. materials and labour):

 $4,50 to $11 per linear foot

Galvanized steel gutter installation (incl. materials and labour):

$4,50 to $9,50 per linear foot

Copper gutter installation (incl. materials and labour):

$18 to $30 per linear foot

Gutter maintenance completed by a pro:


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