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Which Trending Interior Paint Colour Should You Choose in 2024?


5 min read

Which Trending Interior Paint Colour Should You Choose in 2024?

PaintWhich Trending Interior Paint Colour Should You Choose in 2024?

In 2023, Viva Magenta was elected the colour of the year by Pantone, and one by one, people fell in line with this trend. This year, it couldn’t be any more different. Trend forecasters, renowned designers, and the most well-known paint manufacturers failed to reach a consensus on a preferred colour.

Therefore, numerous shades were honoured. While some experts are on the same wavelength, others come out of the woodwork with unprecedented shades. 

This could only mean one thing: Make way for a colourful year.

Home Décor Colour Trends: 2024 Picks

It has to be one of the most anticipated moments of the year for home décor enthusiasts. One after the other, companies unveil their flagship colour while bystanders eagerly await.

No surprise here, blue is still topping the charts as this year’s timeless interior colour pick. However, that’s where similarities end. Serene and muted tones— an echo to calm waters—pair beautifully with deep and bright blues reminiscent of choppy seas. 

What’s Sherwin-Williams 2024 colour of the year?

Of all the colours between sky and sea, Sherwin-Williams landed on light, blueish-grey. Upward, their 2024 colour of the year, is a soft, rather cold shade of blueish-grey, reminiscent of an unpredictable sky.  

It’s deemed a transitional blue, as its hue perfectly suits all décors and styles, whether expertly modern or traditionally inclined. This shade, which is soft and meditative, suits all rooms and can be applied to furniture, too. 

Sherwin-Williams runner-up is a pink-tinted orange. Persimmon is a fruity colour that’s both warm and comforting, refreshing and invigorating, leading to a creative outpour. 

2024’s Trending Wall Colours According to Farrow & Ball

There’s no denying that Farrow & Ball’s colour palette for the year is quite emotionally striking. The British manufacturer is leaving no one indifferent, and that’s the least we can say. Its colour catalogue is made up of meticulously chosen hues, defying the rules of time. 

And, as unlikely as it may sound, it comes as no surprise that every single time a chosen hue sets the tone for the upcoming year, it so happens to be already featured in Farrow & Ball’s permanent collection. 

The British manufacturer has set their sights on the following colours for 2024:

  • Liquorice (No. CB10) is a bold, peppery grey that can be played off as an all-black (blackout) look or an accent colour. It will refine both neutral and bright tints, as well as vibrant and exhilarating colours. 

  • Au Lait (No. CB9) is barely off-white, understated as can be.

Dulux and Sico Are In Sync for 2024’s Colour of the Year

The current lifestyle has a prevailing inclination for wellness and self-care. This hasn’t gone unnoticed by either Dulux or Sico, both of whom have chosen a well-balanced yellow. 

Satin now sits atop Sico’s pedestal. This warm hue is proof that people are looking to revitalize their homes. It’s light, airy, and delicate. This manufacturer’s flagship colour is reminiscent of optimism, elegance, and serenity. 

Satin is a soft yet assertive shade, gently veering toward a beige to convey a neutral and elegant palette. This colour is suited to both exterior and interior spaces. It perfectly suits warm tints like those of cold hues, further highlighting its great versatility. 

As for Dulux, creativity is Limitless (DLX1091-3). The colour of the hour echoes positive and wide-ranging cultural trends, combining both the strength of a primary colour and the essence of a neutral hue. It also fits with warm and cold shades and is just as eye-catching as a dominant or accent colour. Last but not least, it highlights various materials, such as wood, black metal, brass, polished bronze and silver. 

Behr’s Trendy Décor Colour 

As it turns out, more than 50% of survey takers had the same revelation as paint manufacturer Behr when it came to choosing 2024’s colour of the year. The stars must have aligned at some point, and black was thus crowned. 

Give or take a shade, Farrow & Ball’s Liquorice is strikingly similar to Behr’s colour of the year, Cracked Pepper.

Back in the spotlight, but this time around with a softer, more versatile look. This shade of black exudes a newfound energy, one that’s hard to define and impossible to mimic. No other hue could give a room more of an air of mystery, with an undeniable elegance and sophistication.

This versatile shade is designed for accent walls, cabinets, and ceilings. It can be used for interior spaces, but also for exterior ones, no matter the style. For a timeless and perfectly balanced look, pair it with light neutrals. Also in the realm of possibilities: showcasing various patterns to play off the colour’s boldness and foster flow. 

Behr did a study on colours and the emotions they evoke, here are the findings:

  • 61% of millennials believe that shades of black in a home convey a fresh look. 

  • 57% of them stated that shades of black in a home create a new vibe and foster a newfound energy. 

  • About 50% of survey takers think dark-coloured walls convey a feeling of comfort in a home. 

What’s Benjamin Moore’s 2024 paint colour?

Benjamin Moore paves the way to an entirely new colour palette with Blue Nova. This luxurious hue, halfway between purple and blue, is straight out of the manufacturer’s Colour Trends and Colour of the Year palette. Blue Nova is expertly saturated, yet nuanced, and evokes a deep-sea voyage or one within the confines of outer space. The years are basically powerless against it. It’s infinitely magical and rather unexpected, neither cold nor warm, yet it remains stunningly versatile. 

2024 Interior Paint: Colour Trends to Revamp Your Décor

Your 2024 interior paint colour pick makes way for an inspiring palette that’ll revamp your décor. The trends evoked throughout offer a world of possibilities to customize your space to your liking. However, don’t forget to consider your personal preferences, natural lighting in your home, and the primary use of every room for a well-executed visual balance. By following trends whilst remaining true to yourself and your personal style, you can create a modern and elegant interior space that mirrors your personality. 

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Last modified 2023-12-20

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