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Purpose of Window Film

Last modified: 2022-06-22 | Approximate reading time 4 mins

Cynthia Pigeon

Window films have numerous functions: It provides protection against the cold, sun, peeping toms, or burglaries. For most people, window film does not hinder their ability to work and is not something to which they pay much attention on a daily basis. In fact, window film provides a level of comfort and security that goes practically unnoticed by most people. 

For commercial buildings, incorporating window film is often thought out in advance when the construction plans are being drawn up, and it can also be used to solve a problem previously experienced by homeowners. The type of film will change based on the building requirements and use, be it commercial or residential.

Types of Window Film and Their Uses

Window Insulation Film

The most common type of window film is the insulating film. In fact, it is sold in any good hardware store and is a short-term solution to prevent heat from escaping through the windows. According to Berkayly, their 3M Thinsulate Window Film can reduce heat loss by up to 38% in the winter and keep up to 37% of the cool air during the summer.

window film_Purpose of Window Film

Source: Rona

You can find an insulating film in stores should you choose to not seek the advice of a distributor for your private residence. Note that the film is simple enough to install. Basically, the installation method involves taping one side of the two-sided tape to the wall around the window. Then, adhere the film to the other side of the tape and press down firmly. Once all four sides are taped, take a hairdryer and run the warm air over the tape as well as the film. This way, the film will stick to the glue on the tape and then shrink. Once completed, the film will keep the room warm all winter long. When spring comes, simply remove it and clean the surfaces around the window frame.

In terms of pricing, window films range from $10 to $50 per roll, all depending on the size available in hardware stores and the surface needing to be covered. Since it is a see-through film, it does not block the exterior/interior view and, aesthetically speaking, the overall look of the window remains unaffected.

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Decorative Window Film

The decorative film protects against unwelcomed onlookers while keeping the light out. Some models are installed on exterior windows; for office spaces or condos that are located at street level, it will prevent passers-by from being able to see the inside of the room, like solid grey films.

window_Purpose of Window Film

Source: Pixnio

There are also various patterned window films used indoors in office spaces. They allow the occupants of a space or office to have a private meeting or a get-together without preying eyes. In addition, they are an efficient alternative to curtains, while also providing an interesting aesthetic aspect to the windows and creating a somewhat more organized environment. Window films can be installed by professionals or DIYed. They come in different sizes and designs.

Typically, pricing for decorative window film depends on the material, design, and surface area to be covered. As a general guideline, the price for an 18'' x 78'' frosted self-adhesive vinyl is approximately $12 at any hardware store.

Solar Window Film

Solar films are primarily designed to help reduce the heat entering a room through windows as a result of sunlight. They function by shielding the glass, much like a pair of sunglasses, from direct sun exposure. You can tell the difference between the various films by the way the windows with the UV film have a slightly darker tint.

tinted windows_Purpose of Window Film

Source: Pixabay

Some commercially sold products can block up to 80% of the sun's rays. As a result, the room stays cool in the summer and retains heat during the winter. The films have little impact on the appearance of the windows while offering additional comfort to the residents.

Check with the manufacturer to see if the film is designed for any type of window glazing, such as thermal or single pane glass, as the efficiency of the film may be affected.

Security Window Film

Security film is mostly used for commercial buildings, but can also be quite useful for private homes in order to prevent burglaries. Should the glass be shattered, the film will hold the pieces together instead of the shards scattering about.  

There are several different levels of security film; some are designed for banks, or businesses, others for office towers to withstand projectiles or blows from tools such as sledgehammers. The film adds a protective layer, thus making it more difficult for an individual to break through the window, causing them to give up. The film protects both the building and the patrons from theft and glass shards, and the film can also improve comfort due to the UV filter.

shattered glass_Purpose of Window Film

Source: Pixabay

Security film should be installed on the inside to ensure that it is airtight and also to prevent premature deterioration over time due to weather and temperature variations. The installation should be carried out by a professional as this type of film is made to measure based on window size. As for costs, one should request a quote from a specialized company for this type of film. 

Cover photo: Pixabay

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