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Small and Simple Affordable Work for Bedrooms

Last modified: 2022-08-09 | Approximate reading time 4 mins

Christime Simard

When renting an apartment, either with roommates or by yourself, the bedroom quickly becomes our safe space. Not only does it reflect our taste, but also our personality and interests. However, even if your decor is perfectly curated, you might still want a new look after a while.

When renting, it might be a bit more difficult to make any major changes. It is however not impossible to remodel your space in a way that these changes are only temporary. In this article, you will find some practical tips in order to do small and affordable renovation work for your rental bedroom.

Some important steps to consider before starting:

Always ask your landlord first. Every lease is different. What some landlords see as major work could appear small in others. Be sure in any case to discuss with them in order to minimize any problems during your lease period.

Invest in reusable items. Although this article is meant to help you reduce your spending, it is inevitable that any type of renovation work, even the smallest, will cost you a good amount. This is why it will be to your advantage to invest in quality accessories that you will be able to bring with you to your next place.

Keep the originals that you remove. When changing the original accessories in you apartment, be sure to keep the old ones removed. Not only do they belong to your landlord, but you will also have to leave the ones you just bought with your money once you move out.

Affordable ideas to renovate your bedroom as a tenant

Spruce up your furniture

Instead of buying new things, there are many creative ways you can reupholster yours: stain, paint, wallpaper or peel and stick patterns, the ideas are infinite! With the growing popularity of the DIY movement (do it yourself), it's now easy to navigate on different blogs or YouTube channels in order to create different personalized designs for your old furniture.

Drawers transformed into a table

Photo: Decorviva

Texture and dimension

Sometimes, even the simple changes like adding a carpet, mix and match decorative pillows on your bed or matching your curtains can add a visual appeal that was missing in your room. Try mixing up shapes and colours to add some depth and texture to your decor. Layer two rugs on top of each other to add a touch of originality. Opt for clear curtains in order to reflect the light in your space.

Cute apartment bedroom

Photo: Pinterest

Embellishing your walls

With empty walls, it can be normal that your room seems like it's missing some character. If you spent the past few years collecting prints of your favourite artists but don't have enough frames for them, an easy fix is to use washi tape.

Washi is a type of Japanese paper, and the tape named after it can be used to create different unique frames since it comes in many different colours and patterns. This is an easy and affordable solution to decorate your walls.

washi tape frames

Photo: designsponge

Add a headboard or bed frame

Using either brand-new or recycled materials, elevating or framing your bed could add an extra dimension to your room. If you have a crafty spirit, assemble different pallets to create a simple but rustic bed frame, or some recycled wood planks to build a personalized headboard.

boho bedroom for apartment

Photo: Pinterest

Rethink your book storage setup

Other than using one or two shelves as wall decor, why not reorganize several of them in order to build yourself a practical library wall that would take up less space? By mounting a shelf wall, you can also add a desk space to it, saving space that two pieces of furniture would have used up. The option to create fun patterns is also possible.

wall shelves for apartments

Photo: oldbrandnew et abeautifulmess

Light and greenery

This list wouldn't be complete without the mention of plants and mirrors. Indeed, adding vegetation is a beneficial aspect for any room since it adds beauty and life. If you aren't a pro when it comes to keeping your plants alive, there are many fake plants that are as attractive as real ones that will make your space beautiful, without the fuss.

When it comes to mirrors, the role they have is that they reflect light and are useful in smaller and darker spaces. This way, your room will seem bigger while looking brighter.

For a final decorative touch, that should not be forgotten as it will complete the look of the room, think of changing the light fixture. In doing so, you will pull the eye up, creating the illusion of a larger room.

Room with plants and light

Photo: Pinterest

You're lacking inspiration and are still considering the help of an interior designer for your project? You can read our article on Styling a bedroom: 4 reasons to call an interior designer.

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