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Bulging Walls - Identify and solve the problem!

Last modified: 2017/08/28 | 2 mins

If your exterior brick walls are bulging out, contact a mason immediately. This dangerous defect could put the building's occupants in harm's way and even provoke a sudden collapse . Here are a few facts about bulging walls that will help you identify the condition.

Brick walls usually start to bulge, bow or lean out because of water infiltration, alteration of bricks, cracks, rust, vibrations, etc. As a result, the wall disconnects from the underlying structure and bows outward. This condition is often seen on the top part of the walls and can seriously affect your house's stability.

Bricks could fall and make the wall collapse. The empty space left between the brick wall and the underling structure could also accumulate water. This condition could get worse during the winter because the water would freeze, thus further pushing the layer of bricks.  Therefore, bulging walls must be repaired ASAP.

You can identify bulging by examining your exterior brick walls

Look for visual signs of:

  • The walls leaning or bulging outward
  • The windows sinking in abnormally from the walls and the bricks around them sticking out more than usual
  • Non-leveled bricks
  • Cracks at the meeting point of the internal and the external walls

Bulging brick wall (credit to TVA Nouvelles)

Bulging brick wall (credit to TVA Nouvelles)

This inspection is best done during the Fall or the Spring, when temperature variations occur more often. If your house shows some or all of those signs, chances are your walls are bulging. If this is the case, you should call a professional mason for an in-depth examination. They will confirm the diagnosis and guide you through the repair process.

Repairing a bulging wall

If the bulging is more than 2 inches, you may have to rebuild the entire facade. It could be possible to only replace the bricks in the section that is causing problems but achieving optimal stability of the wall isn't guaranteed with this type of solution. 

Since a bulging wall weakens the whole structure, it is best to change all bricks, even those that look fine. If the bulging is less than 2 inches, the wall can be repaired without rebuilding. The mason will inject lime into the bulging section and add specific screws or ties to solidify the wall.  

He may also install a steel beam to support the affected area. After they have properly examined your wall, the mason will tell you which option is best in your case.  Don’t try to do it alone since the result will affect the stability of your house.

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