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Price Guide: Masonry Work and Bricklaying

Last modified: 2018/03/16 | 4 mins

Are you looking for more information about prices regarding masonry work and bricklaying? We’ve prepared a price guide in order for you to get a better idea of what you’re in for:

First, let’s cover general hourly wages for masonry in the province of Quebec. According to the Association de la Construction du Québec (ACQ), a mason should charge approximately $79.76/h for a masonry job which is carried out during normal work hours. The calculation process starts out with a basic hourly rate of $34.72/h for the bricklayer’s salary. Then, we add contributions, social benefits, vacation pay and insurance costs, which bring things up to $55.85/hour. Taking into account other factors such as equipment rental and tools, the amount comes to $66.47/hour. Next, the contractor takes a 20% cut for administrative costs and for their own profit margin. Lastly, CCQ norms bring the price to a total of $79.76/hour.

In the province of Ontario, the hourly base rate for a brick layer is $33.00/h, whereas the basic hourly rate for a mason is $36.35/h. Taking other factors into account, including social benefits, vacation and insurance, the cost for a mason job is brought to $76.49, and with equipment and overhead included, the price comes up to $99.44/h.

In the province of Nova Scotia, the hourly rate for a brick layer is $25.00/hr whereas the base rate for a mason is $24.00/h

In the province of Alberta, the hourly rate for a brick layer is $38.33/hr whereas the base rate for a mason is $32.00/h.

Factors that cause the price of masonry work to vary

Price brackets for common masonry jobs will be detailed in the next part of the article but before we get into that, here are a few factors that could affect the price you will end up paying. We contacted a number of masonry contractors and they all reminded us that for this type of work, prices can vary from one extreme to another, depending on a number of things.

First of all, the height at which the bricklayers will have to work will be taken into account when calculating the price. The higher the work, the more expensive it will be, as special equipment will be needed, such as scaffolding. Working at heights will also add more time to the duration of the job, as workers will have to go up and down. The location where the contract is being completed will also have a major impact on the price. If the bricklayers have to work near the street, they will charge more, especially if they have to work near a busy street corner and constantly ensure worker safety. The type of brick being used will also affect the total price. For example, large bricks are harder to handle so they could turn out to be more expensive than smaller bricks. Lastly, other factors such as the type of mortar, obstacles, anchorages, the back wall, the windows and any job that requires working on or near the roof can also make the work more complicated, which will reflect on the price.

Prices to fix a bulging brick wall

For bulging brick walls, the size and span of the damaged area will of course affect the price. If the damage has managed to spread out, the bricklayers will have to work slowly and diligently in order to do good work, without destroying anything. In general, bulging brick wall repairs or renovations run about $23 to $25 per square foot.

Prices to rebrick a wall

When talking about rebricking a wall, prices may vary depending on the scale of the work and the type of brick being used. However, most of the time, prices for this type of project tend to stay within the bracket of $25 to $50 per square foot. For a simple rebricking project, on a wall with no obstacles, no windows and a basic insulation system, the price should run somewhere between $25 and $30 per square foot.

Price to fix and redo masonry grout

The price of this service will also be affected by most of the factors that have been mentioned in the previous paragraphs. The type of joint will also influence the final amount to be paid. In general, masonry grout contracts cost about $25 to $30 per square foot.

Summary table for prices of masonry and bricklaying projects

Type of masonry project Average price

Repairing a bulging wall

approximately $23 to $25/ square foot

Rebricking a wall

approximately $25 to $50/ square foot

Redoing masonry joints

approximately $25 to $30/ square foot

Average hourly wage of a mason


Foundation parging (starting from the beginning):

approximately $3 to $4/square foot

Replacing deteriorated bricks

between $20 and $30/linear foot

To find out about the average prices of different home renovation projects, check out our Home renovation price guide. 

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