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Cost of a Rooftop Terrace

Last modified: 2017/09/06 | 3 mins

Rooftop terraces are a fairly new trend in terms of home design, but they’ve already become ubiquitous. Whether living downtown or in the middle of the countryside, more and more people are turning their roof into a livable outdoor space. It’s a dream that many people share. However, in order to go through with it, a lot of planning has to be done, especially when calculating your budget.  In order for you to get an idea of how much this type of project will cost, here are a few leads:

Things to do before you start building the rooftop terrace

Before you take any concrete steps, be sure to contact your local city council. Every city has their own specific laws and regulations for rooftop terraces. In Montreal for example, your plans have to be approved by the city before you get the transformation permit. If you live in a row house or in a semi-detached home, you’ll have to get your neighbours to agree to the project.

In many cases, rules also state that your terrace should not be visible from the street-level. Make sure that your house in its present state is able to support the extra weight that will result from the added structures. Hire an engineer or an architect for a proper evaluation of this specific aspect.

For more information about the materials and permits that are required for this type of project, check out our article How to convert your roof into a rooftop terrace

Photo: Houzz

Photo: Houzz

Factors that cause the price of a rooftop terrace to fluctuate

First things first: building a rooftop terrace is expensive. Building and converting your roof into a rooftop terrace will run you somewhere between $15 000 and $ 30 000. It’s a big investment that adds a lot of value to the building, affecting both the sales price and the quality of life of the occupants. Several factors will affect the total price of the renovation project, the main one being the cost of the material.

During every step of the project, you’ll be faced with different options, with prices reaching one extreme or another. In each situation, you’ll have to determine which materials best suit your needs and your current budget: would you prefer to pay less for something that is not as durable? Would you be ready to pay more for a type of material that is lighter in terms of weight? What about high-end materials? And so on, and so on…

The other reason that explains the elevated price for rooftop terrace projects is the fact that you’ll have to hire workers from different trades: rooftop specialists, masons, plumbers, tile setters and more, depending on the project. Since we’re talking about working on a roof, everything must be done in accordance with the highest standards of quality.

If a part of the project is not well done, the flaws could end up affecting the structure and the inside of the house. For this type of project, we recommend hiring a general contractor who will be there to oversee and coordinate the whole project from start to finish.

This adds extra costs to the project, but it’s also a guarantee of quality. If you’re not too counting coins, you can also add a few extravagant features : a pool, a spa, a garden… Everything is possible! The most important aspect is to work with qualified professionals who will give you good advice.

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Learning more about the different rooftop terrace materials

Looking to learn more about the different materials that can be used to build a rooftop terrace? Check out our article “Which building materials should be used for a deck?”. In this article, we cover the types of materials that are used to build patios and decks in backyards. However, these same materials are generally available for rooftop terraces.

All in all, rooftop terraces can turn out to be quite expensive. Before you make a final decision, you must understand that it’s an investment that will end up paying off in ways that are both tangible and intangible. Once installed, you will be very happy to be able to take advantage of the beautiful weather without having to venture out of your house.

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