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Your excavation project

Excavation projects are both complex and large scale, and their price and course of action are determined by many different factors.

The different types of excavation projects

Far from referring to a single type of work, excavation takes many forms in the world of construction and is particularly necessary for:

  • Installing or repairing a septic tank;
  • The installation of a swimming pool;
  • Digging a basement;
  • Carrying out repair work around the foundation;
  • Installing a French drain;
  • Repairing a septic tank.

The price of your excavation project

Each of these projects has specificities that will affect the price you have to pay for them to be carried out. These include the size of the hole and the amount of residue to be moved, the type of soil in which the hole will be created, the equipment required for the work and the period during which the project will be executed. Moreover, you should know that the methods used to determine the price may differ from one company to another.

For more information on factors that may affect the price of your project, check out our article: 10 factors that affect the price of an excavation project

Did you know that….

You must without hesitation take out insurance to cover you in case of damage as the work is being carried out. The excavation process, regardless of the nature of the project, can have serious consequences if problems occur over the course of the project.

The challenges of excavation


If your basement is excavated and the floor of the basement is lowered, this increases the pressure that the water exerts on the foundations. It is here that the integration of an internal draining membrane is used to channel the potential infiltrations and to preserve the shared walls and the external walls.

Is your house built on clay soil?

In Quebec in particular, it is not uncommon for houses to be built on this type of soil, which proves to be a risk factor for the smooth running of work because it compresses easily. As a result, the RBQ recommends using a geothermal or soil laboratory specialist to assess the pressure to which the soil may be subjected.

Be careful with the joists

Another important point to mention: joists in your house should never come into contact with excavated soil. If this happens, the soil moisture is highly likely to cause rotting of the beams, which will require additional work. Moreover, ventilating your crawl space should also be a priority in order to reduce the ambient humidity level.