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How to Replace Your Kitchen Sink

How to Replace Your Kitchen Sink

Last modified: 2018/06/12 | 2 mins

Are you looking to change your kitchen sink? Wondering how you should proceed? has prepared a guide covering this very subject in order to help you for you renovation project.

If you want to give your kitchen a makeover, replacing your old sink can be a good, affordable solution. This type of renovation project can be carried out by pretty much anyone, providing that they have good manual skills. However, you should know that if the sink you choose requires a complicated installation process, hiring a professional to complete these steps is the recommended course of action. 

The main steps to replace your sink

Before you start your renovation project, you must follow certain crucial safety precautions. Work that touches on a house’s plumbing system must always respect security norms. When in doubt, ask for the advice of an expert who will be able to indicate the right course of action.

When someone isn’t used to doing this type of work, they should do everything they can to make things easier for themselves. If you’re worried about the process being too complicated, try to find a sink that has the same exact dimensions as the one you already have.

Once you have chosen your sink, start the installation process by cutting off the water supply. Next, remove the old sink. Don’t forget to remove the sealant around the sides of the sink, if needed.

You will then have to cut the countertop, either to create an opening or to adapt the one that is already there. To complete this task, you will need a jig-saw with a special blade that is adapted to the countertop’s material. Once you are done with this step, before you install your new sink, apply a coat of plumber’s putty or transparent silicone to make sure that the sink sticks to the counter.

Following that, you will have to test the new sink to see whether or not the opening you have created is the right size. If your sink is made of a heavy material, ask a friend to help you with handling this particular element.

Once the sink has been installed, you will have to connect the pipes. During this part, it is especially crucial that you follow the instructions given out by the manufacturer.

The tap

If your sink doesn’t already come with holes for a mixer tap or a soap dispenser and you would like to add them, you can pierce holes in the sink in order to insert these plumbing accessories.

After having inserted the tap’s metallic rods in their proper holes, make sure that the base is parallel to the back of the sink. You can also use a sealant product so that everything is solid and waterproof.

When handling the pipes, always wear protection glasses. Other tasks include having to attach the fastening ring. For this part of the job, you will need a wrench.

Lastly, you will have to pull the drain connector up and set it into place. If applicable, don’t forget to plug in any accessories.

Before you turn the water back on, check that everything is properly secured.

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