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Small, simple projects to improve your kitchen

Last modified: 2022-09-07 | Approximate reading time 3 mins

Renovating a kitchen can be expensive, and depending on the changes made, your budget can quickly increase. Of course, you don’t have to tear down your cabinets or demolish a wall in order to tastefully renovate and offer your kitchen a new look. 

In this article, you’ll find simple, effective, accessible and inexpensive solutions to bring new life and freshness into your kitchen. Some of the options included will deal with spaces on lease or rent and thus, may not necessarily be able to make major changes. Do be certain to ask your landlord for permission instead of making any major changes.

Here are some simple projects to improve your kitchen

Refurbish your cabinets

Although this change may seem minimal, refurbishing old cabinet doors can make a huge difference in your space. For example, by choosing a lighter colour of wood, you’ll give the illusion of a more airy or open kitchen. 

In addition, by choosing wood in exchange of laminate, you’ll offer a more rustic decor-style to this room.

For renters, a less radical and possible version of this project would be painting. By giving a few brushstrokes to the doors, you’ll create a more refined look.

Opt for white or warm tones to allow natural light to spread evenly throughout the room, creating an inviting space. This year, pastels and earth tones like terracotta are trending.

Small kitchen renovation

Replace your counter

In the same vein as your cabinets, refurbishing or replacing your countertops will make a huge difference. In place of marble or precious stone (which are beautiful materials but can quickly increase your budget), you can opt for a butcher-style wood counter. Available in different styles and colours, you can customize everything to match the decor of your kitchen. This may sound simple, but all will look freshly renovated. 

For an even stronger impact, changing your sink could be a perfect addition. Choose a sink that complements the wood colour and bring out its intricacies. Say goodbye to metal and try something new, like ceramic.

Another great option, even cheaper and equally ideal for renters who want a counter like new, is contact paper. With a variety of patterns and colours on the market, even those which resemble marble, wood or granite, it’s easy to both install as well as remove once you’ve had enough of this look.

Kitchen decor

Add a backsplash

Tile shouldn’t be limited to your floors alone, and a backsplash can offer character to your kitchen. Adding a backsplash remains a simple and affordable idea to refresh your kitchen. It’s often placed on a small surface,  making is a less expensive idea. 

If you’re curious about prices, consult our guide to find out about specific costs. Like the countertop, there are self-adhesive tiles that are easy to hang as well as being easy to remove all with a hair-dryer. They are available in different colours and patterns and thus can match any taste or decor.

Kitchen counter and backsplash

Open-concept storage

If you take a good, hard look at your kitchen and feel like it’s missing something that’ll add some revitalization, then why not consider open concept shelving? You can include additional decorations such as photos, art or decorative dishes. Not to mention, their visibility will help motivate you to stay organized. 

Open concept shelving will allow you to play with different kinds of organization and display methods to add a personalized and decorative touch. For a touch of freshness, add some plants. An alternate option is to simply remove your cabinet doors to create open space.

Kitchen storage

Decorative accessories and ornaments

According to Alexandra Gater, stylist and interior decorator in Toronto, small details are often the ones with the most impact. In her YouTube video “Small Budget Retrofit,” she encourages people to invest in details: changing cabinet handles, decorative lighting, decorative storage baskets, art, plants and more. 

She insists that these small changes will work to revive any space, and offer it a new appearance without requiring a huge budget. In particular, it encourages “DIY” ethics, a growing trend in renovation that involves the modification or creation of objects or furniture by oneself, often drawing inspiration from something that already exists.

Kitchen shelves

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