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Home Decor: A Guide to Classic Style

Last modified: 2020-07-28 | Approximate reading time 4 mins

Classic style doesn’t have to mean being outdated or entering into a traditional time warp. Although this style is rooted in tradition, classic home decor incorporates fine architectural details with sophistication. It enlivens the timeless elements of the past while remaining contemporary and in touch with current trends.

Modernizing a classical theme is easy. Spaces should focus on richly embellished fabrics and accessories in otherwise monochromatic and clean rooms. Antique pieces live alongside art-deco inspired modern fixtures. Even if you’re not blessed with built-in crown moulding, here are some essentials for anyone hoping to adopt timeless classic home decor. 

Follow these steps and embrace the classic decor mindset in your home!

Timeless Furniture Pieces

classic decor_living

source: Flickr, Berry Tan

Decor in the classic home is generally monochromatic, loosened up by pops of colour that aren’t too gauche. Pale blues and greys are also popular wall colour choices but should be isolated to spaces like the bedroom and bathroom. If carpeting is employed, it should be plush white to give other fixtures their spot in the limelight. Pops of colour used in classic styling are generally warm: think yellows, greens, browns, brick red and orange as well as softer blues to add earthiness.

Crown moulding is another popular choice for the home with classic style. They are never outdated and add essential character to the room. If possible, consider constructing intricate crown moulding or delicate picture frame moulding, as well as ceiling medallions. Gilded mirrors offer a variation on wall moulding for those who are renting or do not want the commitment of crown moulding. Alternatively, for a modern take on crown moulding, consider adding architectural interest with a coffered ceiling. 

Décor classique table salle à manger_classic decor dining room

Rich Embellishments

Classic style is all about letting the richness of chosen furniture and accessories speak for themselves. Lean a guided mirror up against a wall to add depth and delicacy to a room without it feeling overly formal. Curtains are a prominent feature in a room that adopts classic decor, and these should be displayed in a vibrant floral, checks, toile, houndstooth or other timeless prints. Further, they should be the full length of the wall, adding texture and dimension to the space.

Antiques are another prominent feature and can include anything from neoclassical-style columns, a beautiful marble bust, porcelain vases, or smaller scale objects that add visual interest without being gaudy. Chandeliers are likely the most popular classic decor feature, as a light fixture that sets the tone for traditional formality. If you’re not looking for a fixture that is going to take over an entire room, consider a vintage-inspired model that is much smaller than the traditional chandelier, as this modern take still remains classic.

Blend Soft and Hard 


Classic style is about finding the right balance between materials that are hard and soft. Marble is prominent in classic home decor but can weigh a space down if overused. Consider incorporating a marble mantel into a room to command attention and spotlight interior styling. Alongside this, use delicate furniture pieces with soft lines and tapering in neutrals or soft colours. As we’ve stated, large light fixtures are favoured and these can work on the side of either hard or soft.

For sitting light fixtures, consider art deco-inspired models that incorporate materials like marble and brass, displaying class and restraint. Dark wood details paired with polished veneers and oversized mirrors also work well in this type of decor.

Classic dining room

Photo: Unsplash

Bring the drama with a classy shelter-arm sofa that has crisp definition and high sides. Look for a model with a dark wood frame against light upholstery. Also, think about incorporating a traditional wing chair in a streamlined shade like white alongside nail head detailing. In the kitchen, details like wall sconces, high gloss dark floorings like hard or salvaged wood with white shelving and cupboards keep cohesion with the rest of the classically designed spaces.

Renovation projects to adopt a classical decor style in your home

Would you like to adopt the classical decor style in your home? Here are a few examples of renovation projects to prioritize:

Installing crown moulding

In old houses, especially those with a European architectural style, we often see mouldings. They can be installed on walls, on ceiling and floor trims. Here are a few articles about mouldings: 

Have a cabinetmaker build custom furniture

In the past, mass-produced furniture was not a thing. Each piece of furniture was a unique piece, handmade by craftsmen. For classical style furniture, nothing compares to the expertise of a cabinetmaker! You could hire them to build your kitchen cabinets, your bathroom furniture, your bed or your living room shelves. 

Here is a relevant article that you can check out:

Installing a marble countertop in the kitchen or bathroom

Noble materials such as marble are often used in classical decors. To create a classical decor in your home, you can install marble or faux marble countertops or floors. 

Here is an article you can check out:

Piano décor classique_classic decor piano

Working with an interior designer to adopt a classic home decor

Are you looking to adopt a classic style in your home but puzzled about where to start? Do not hesitate to call upon the services of an interior designer to transform your rooms and adapt them according to your taste and needs!

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