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10 examples of bathroom renovation projects


3 min read

10 examples of bathroom renovation projects

Bathroom10 examples of bathroom renovation projects

The bathroom is a very important room in the home. Serving both as a peaceful haven and a place for our most hurried moments, it needs to be practical and aesthetically pleasing. When comes the time to renovate a bathroom, one of the first steps consists in looking for what needs to be changed. Next come the steps of setting up the layout and decorating the new bathroom.

Over the course of this process, tools such as Pinterest or home decor magazines are very useful to find ideas, whether it be for colour choices, furniture or examples of layouts. With several thousands of contractors in our network, we keep discovering examples of beautiful projects completed by them. Therefore, why not present a list of our 10 favourite bathroom renovations? 

Here are 10 examples of bathroom renovation projects completed by contractors

1- Large contemporary bathroom

Rénovation de salle de bain 11

Contractor: Construction M.Dubé

This bathroom has an enviable size and benefits from a configuration that ensures a lot of space for circulation. Installing a mirror over the sink is the only thing remaining to complete the room's layout.

2- Scandinavian-style bathroom

salle de bain blanche

Contractor: Groupe Bouda

This bathroom adopts a contemporary style that is highly associated with the Scandinavian decor, including a mixture of wood, stone, pale and dark shades and pure lines.

3- Small, modern and trendy bathroom

Rénovation de salle de bain 06

Contractor: Axion Rénovation Construction

This small bathroom takes perfect advantage of its space. Moreover, the blend of wood and stone textures is very trendy.

4- A modern and warm bathroom 

Rénovation de salle de bain 02

Contractor: Rénovation YP

This bathroom includes a modern shower, a corner bath that is well integrated into the room's decor, as well as a lot of space. All that remains now is to add towels and a bath mat to complete the look.

5- Soft black and white

Salle de bain calme

Contractor: Carrelage DMV

There's a nice spa-like look to this bathroom, with strategically-placed lighting, a stone wall that goes well with the floor textures and decorative elements that integrate subtly within the room.


6- Shades of wood, gray and blue

Rénovation de salle de bain 10

Contractor: J.E.T-Constructions

This is another example of a nice modern bathroom that adapts to all tastes. There are a few very interesting details such as hanging fixtures over the counter, and a backsplash design that is also used in the shower tiles.

7- A little zen corner

Contractor: AGD proprieties

This bathroom masterfully integrates several wood finishes with solid white surfaces that add a contemporary touch.

8- Classical but cozy

Classic warm bathroom

Contractor: Habitations Klimos

This classical room reflects calmness and well-being. Its layout is well-adapted to the shaped of the room, letting plenty of natural light in whilst allocating prime space for the bathtub and shower.

9- Toilet on a pedestal

salle de bain miroir bois

Contractor: Les constructions Paille

This small bathroom has a very distinguished style, with soft and pleasant lighting and a nice mix of colours and textures.

10- Bonus

The bathroom in the cover of this article was completed by APA renovations.

Articles about bathroom renovations

Our home renovation blog contains several articles about bathroom renovations. Here are three that should not be missed: 

We suggest that you check out our checklist for bathroom renovation projects, as this article contains a ton of information and also comes with a document you can use to organize your project. 

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Last modified 2023-11-07

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