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Price Guide: Bathroom Renovation Project

Last modified: 2022-05-09 | Approximate reading time 8 mins

Léa Plourde-Archer

Are you in the midst of a bathroom renovation project? This price guide, combing the main characteristics and costs of all the important elements, is meant to help you plan out your project and choose things that are suited to your budget:

Bathroom renovation price guide

Elements Characteristics Average price


  •  Must be chosen according to the amount of space available in the bathroom
  •  Different sizes and shapes available (round,  square, freestanding, deep, etc.)
  •  Different materials: acrylic, cast-iron, enamelled steel, etc.

(without installation)

$240 for a low-end bathtub 
$480 to $720 for a standard bathtub 
$1,800 and more for a high-end bathtub 
$1,440 to $5,760 for a hot tub
$360 to $2,040 for an alcove bathtub
$840 to $2,040 for a bath/shower combo 
$840 to $4,645 for a freestanding bathtub


  • Must be chosen according to the amount of space available in the bathroom
  • Different sizes and shapes available (square, rectangle, corner, round, with a roof, etc.)
  • Different installation methods: one-piece shower unit (must have enough space to pass it through the house before bringing it into the bathroom), modular (separate pieces to be assembled on the spot), custom-made, or included with a bathtub.
  •  Various types of doors (if applicable): folding, sliding, etc.
  • Showerheads (multi-jet, round, square, rainy effect, with integrated lights, suspended, hand-held, etc.)

(without installation)

$240 for a low-end shower cabin 
$360 to $600 for a standard shower cabin 
$960 to $1,800 for a high-end shower cabin
Simple shower door: starting at $275
Sliding shower door: starting at $600


  • Different types of toilets: In one piece, in two pieces, mural (encased within the wall)
  • Some modern toilets come with an ultra-modern built-in water jets, heated seat, etc.

(without installation)

$120 to $180 for a low-end toilet  
$300 to $420 for a standard toilet 
$480 to $660 for a high-end toilet 


  • Must fill the needs of the occupant
  • Can have one or two in the bathroom. Double sinks exist.
  • Different types  of sinks: installed on a piece of furniture (encased, set on top, square, round, rectangular, etc.), self-standing (more suitable for small spaces) or included within its vanity (includes storage and is easier to install)
  • Easy to clean material: stainless steel, glazed porcelain, glass, etc.

(without installation)

$36 to $72 for a standard drop-in sink

$60 to $240 for a round or square vessel sink

$90 to $300 for a high-end drop-in sink

$144 to $480 for a pedestal sink


  • Must be solid and easy to manipulate
  • Different types: with movement detector, one or two knobs, etc.
  • Installed on the wall, on the counter or the sink.
  • Available accessories: small shower head, multi-jet faucet, rainy effect.
  • Available materials: chrome, brass, stainless steel, copper, etc.

(without installation)

$48 to $72 for a low-end faucet 
$84 to $180 for a standard faucet 
$205 to $420 for a high-end faucet 

Bathroom cabinets and drawers

  • It must be installed at a proper height and resistant to humidity.
  • Different styles, colours, methods of installation (corner, etc.), heights and sizes.
  • Often comes in the form of a pharmacy with a mirror.
  • Materials: melamine, wood, metal, glass for the doors, PVC, etc.

The price will depend on whether you get your furniture built custom-made. Otherwise, here are a few examples of prices for furniture bought in the store: 

Pharmacy: $48 to $264

Standard vanity: $144 to $540


  • Must be resistant to humidity.
  • Different textures, finishes, colours and materials.
  • Most common materials: laminate counter, stone, Corian, marble, quartz, tiles (ceramic or stone), etc.
  • Ceramic (low-end/high-end(: $0.60 to $36/square foot
  • Stratified:$6 to $30/linear foot
  • Granite: $48 to $180/linear foot

Bathroom flooring

  • Must be resistant to water and humidity.
  • Avoid materials that are too slippery
  • Main materials: ceramic, vinyl, linoleum, stone (granite, slate, etc.), treated cork, etc.
  • Vinyl : $4,50 to $14,50/square foot
  • Ceramic : $2,50 to $8,50/square foot
  • Natural stone : $6 to $14,50/square foot


  • Other than paint, tiles are also an appropriate wall covering for bathrooms (ceramic, mosaic, porcelain, etc.)

(materials only)

Natural stone wall: approx. $12/square foot

Decorative stone wall: approx. $8/square foot

Tile wall: approx. $12 to $36/square foot

Bathroom paint

  • Must be resistant to humidity and easy to clean.
  • Try to use 100% acrylic paint and paint that is specifically made for bathrooms and kitchens.
  • A vast array of colours and finishes (semi-matte, glossy, semi-gloss, etc.)

Check out the Paint project cost calculator


  • Must properly evacuate the humidity.
  • Available with blades or with a turbine (less noisy)

Installing a bathroom fan: $360 to $600

Cleaning ventilation ducts: $360 to $720


  • Lighting must give off enough light to cover all surfaces, according to the needs of the occupants.
  • Different types of lighting (general, specific to one part of the bathroom, decorative)
  • Different characteristics: manual settings or according to the amount of natural light, sconce, installed on railings, encased, suspended, etc.

Prices vary according to the type of work. Here are a few examples of bathroom lamps and their prices: 

Wall light: $36 to $110 per unit

Ceiling lamp: $12 to $180 per unit


  • Storage furniture must be resistant to humidity
  • Different possibilities: pharmacy behind the mirror, storage over the toilet, individual furniture, etc.

Depends on the type of storage

Accessories and decor

  • Mirrors, calcium filter, atomizer, vaporizer, towel rack, shower basket, potpourri, vase, candles, towels, bath mat, etc.

Here are a few examples: 

Towel rack (low-end/high-end): $12 to $110 per unit

Mirror: (low-end/high-end): $20 to/$240 per unit

Bathmat: $7 to $50


  • Must be very well protected from humidity and potential contact with water
  • Has to be done by a professional
  • Concerns ventilation ducts, electric outlets, etc.

Starting at $100/ hour (the amount of time necessary to complete the work will depend on the size of the job and will have to be defined in person with the electrician.


  • Must be installed correctly to avoid accidents (flooding, noisy pipes, water flow and pressure, etc.)
  • Has to be done by a professional

Starting at $100/ hour  (the amount of time necessary to complete the work will depend on the size of the job)

For more precise information, check out this article: How much do plumbing renovations cost?


  • Must be very resistant to humidity (vapour barrier)
  • Extensive choice in terms of materials
Starting at:
  • Stone wool : $1,20/square foot/inch
  •  PSE : $3/ square foot/inch
  •  Cellulose: $1/ square foot/inch (needs to be very thick)
  • More options in the following article: The cost of insulation

*Prices are indicative and do not include labour or installation costs.

To find out about the average prices of different home renovation projects, check out our Home renovation price guide. 

We also suggest that you check out our checklist for bathroom renovation projects, as this article contains a ton of information and comes with a document you can use to organize your project. 

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